What is this thing called Christianity, is it really a fact?

It might be one big story, which dictates how people act

Who’s to say my beliefs are wrong, or I’m inferior to you;

Just because I’m not a Christian, reading the bible as you do.

What has God really achieved, where is the factual proof;

That he created the world in seven days, is it just a spoof?

Some people believe in a creature which dwells in outer space

Can we deny a monster exists; with spaghetti growing from its face?

There is no evidence it’s real, but it’s the belief of the group;

That this spaghetti creature is a prophet, to it they pray and stoop

Who’s to say that ‘God is love’, or there is a heaven or hell?

Did Jesus really die for us, or is that just opinion as well?

©Sophie Bowns 2011-2014


45 thoughts on “Religious Opinions

  1. I’m an atheist/verging on Buddhist in terms of personal philosophy. I think there is some evidence a historical character like Jesus existed but I don’t believe he was the son of God merely a leader of his time.

    1. Hello!
      Thank you so much for sharing your opinions. I’m not sure what I’d class myself as but I certainly like Buddhist’s theories. I believe Jesus existed, but I think he was just a man& like you say; a leader! 🙂

  2. Love the poem!

    Religion, all just stories created in our heads to make us feel comforted about our inevitable demise, and also a tool to manipulate the malleable masses. Though science is still filtered through our finite minds, at least it creates a world we can actually experience and change (electricity, atomic bombs, medicine, archeology, geology, chemistry, etc). Not to mention the scientific “story” of the universe on a micro-macro scale is so totally awesome! THAT story is WAY more humbling, amazing, and connecting than the creationism one 😉

    “It is far better to grasp the universe as it really is than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring.”
    ~ Carl Sagan

    1. And I love your comment!
      I really enjoyed reading your opinion on the subject of religion. So far, my poem has offended 2 people on Twitter. Oops! (I did put up a warning!)
      I do agree, a lot of people just turn to religion for comfort and in a way, that”s sort of nice.
      I do believe more in the science side of things; i.e ‘The Big Bang Theory’
      -I loved the quote at the end.
      Thank you Candra! 🙂

  3. Hello Sophie,

    I’m a Christian, and for me the strongest evidence is an unshakeable, unavoidable, overwhelming connection with God. I can’t NOT believe. I accept the claims of Jesus on faith (which is being certain of something you can’t see or prove).

    My faith and spirituality has brought me so much peace, joy, acceptance, compassion, and love. Honestly, I’m not concerned with evidence or proving anything — and I never argue with people about Christianity. Life is too short, I can’t be bothered. We all have our own beliefs, and I would never foist my beliefs on anyone else. But I believe what I believe, and Christ has made my life precious 🙂

    In peace and passion,

    1. Hello Laurie, I really enjoyed reading your opinion. Thank you for your detailed comment!
      I think it’s lovely that spirituality has brought you comfort and I respect your views. 🙂
      Life is far too short; I agree and like you say, we should never try to change people or convert them to believe what we do.

  4. I have a proclivity to enjoy Tequila for comfort and peace, though not sure about joy (she is my bookkeeper) …but I usually keep my proclivities to myself.

  5. Christians have historically been the worst of abusers… not just Christianity, but several religions that I know of. With an “us vs them” mentality, how can we not hurt each other? The funny thing is, Jesus came to demonstrate unconditional love and acceptance. His teachings are not reflected in the lifestyles of the majority of us who call ourselves Christians. So many are asleep, the blind following the blind. I truly am sorry for all who have been hurt by those in my faith background, and who have been hurt by me, as well. I believe we are waking up, one-by-one… it’s a painful process, to unlearn almost everything you learned, growing up! Thank you for sharing your poem – it causes us to really think!

    1. Hello Susan!
      Yes, I read that somewhere!
      Just because a person attends church or reads the bible doesn’t make them a Christian. I’ve experienced some hatred on Twitter today (RE. this poem) and some people haven’t respected my opinion.
      I think it is time that everyone woke up too; religion causes so many wars. Thank you so much for your detailed feedback, I really appreciate your support! 🙂

  6. I am a Christian and I believe the historical evidence that Jesus was a real man who was crucified. Through faith, I believe the world was created in 7 days by God and that Jesus was the son of God who came to be the ultimate sacrifice for those who choose to believe.
    I also think that whatever your belief system is, there is always faith (belief without seeing) involved. I hold to the belief that Jesus is the son of God and God has control over the Universe even though there is sin on the earth now.
    I respect your belief but encourage you to think about what you put your faith in 🙂
    Have a blessed day,
    Sugar Sweet Runner

    1. Hello ‘Sugar Sweer Runner’
      Ah that’s interesting. So you don’t think Jesus was a holy messiah?
      Oh yes, I think it’s nice to have some sort of faith. For example I believe in Angels and Spirits.
      Thank you so much for respecting my opinions!

  7. I am a Christian and I place so much value on the opinion of Non-Christians in regard to what they believe in! Way too often Christians just get too carried away and try to overwhelm people with the good news of Christ but talking to people about Jesus is never going to happen positively if you don’t first LISTEN to their side of the story!
    However, I do think that we can learn a huge biblical truth from those Christians who don’t act and speak in accordance with what Jesus did and what the Bible said – that truth is that Jesus came as a sacrifice to save man from their sin and the horribly broken world we live in. Man is sinful and Christians who can sometimes struggle to effectively talk about their beliefs just testify that we are sinful and need God.
    That is what I personally place my faith in (: I am honestly SO appreciative that you could share things about what you believe, i think its an asset for people to be able to wrestle with those types of questions (:

    1. Hello Nicole!
      Yes I agree. Too many people preach without listening to the opinions of others. I think someone could class themselves as a ‘Christian’ by just being kind, rather than ‘spreading the word of the Lord’ etc.
      Thank you for respecting my beliefs Nicole and thanks for sharing yours. I loved hearing what you had to say! 😀

      1. Thanks for being so kind in hearing what all different people with different beliefs have to say!
        Just one more thing- for me personally, I couldn’t be a Christian without spreading God’s word. I think this because God is so incredible and offers so much, it would be selfish of me to just keep that to myself and not share it with anyone. I like to try to share it because I love those around me and want to offer all that joy to them! Kind of like if I made a cake and then enjoyed it so much that I sat in a hidden corner of the house eating it all so I wouldn’t have to share it, whereas it would be better to spread the happiness that cake brings by giving everyone a piece! (I hope that made sense- I am an avid cake lover haha)

      2. Hi Nicole, I love hearing everyone’s opinions. Even though I might not always agree, I do respect other people’s.
        I like your comparison of Christianity to cake; that’s a lovely view and who doesn’t love CAKE? 😛

  8. Sophie,
    You’ve written a very thought-provoking poem. We are all searching for the TRUTH. What is truth? I believe that God created the earth and everything in it, and that He also created everything that is good and true and perfect and beautiful. And he gave us Jesus, his only Son, to save us from our sins. I also think He created each one of us with a God-sized hole in our souls, a hole that only a relationship with Him can fulfill. I appreciate your searching and your open spirit, and I hope that you continue to ask questions and find answers and peace.

    1. Ahhh Amy!
      Lovely to hear from you and I am very interested to hear all your thoughts and opinions (which I respect)
      I personally just believe that Jesus was a man and the scientific explanation of why the earth was created makes more sense to me. 🙂

  9. It doesn’t really matter what other people believe. Other peoples’ beliefs shouldn’t affect yours. If someone believes something just because someone else does, they are subscribing to that belief system for the wrong reason. On the other hand, beliefs that have amassed VERY large followings deserve further investigation. That takes time, energy, and research that most people are not willing to commit. If a belief is a “conspiracy” or was designed to “control” people, it will usually be exposed as fraudulent with incontrovertible evidence. Look at the mafia. There are always “defectors” who betray the organization to the F.B.I. Especially in the information age with the internet and such, it really amazes me how false beliefs continue to survive. A good starting point for investigating Christianity would be a book by Eusebius called the history of the church. And yes I’m a Catholic, but it doesn’t really bother me what other people believe. Part of my belief is that they have free will.

    1. Thank you!
      Yes I agree, I will never let anyone influence me. I used to go to church as a child and I hated it, because why should I be made to feel guilty?
      ‘Belief’ covers such a huge spectrum; there are lots of different types of Christianity and thousands of different religions.
      At the end of the day; how can all of them be true? It does worry me also that false beliefs are surviving and I must find that book. Thank you for your brilliant comment! 🙂

      1. Thank you for providing me with non-mainstream reading material. I don’t particularly like going to church either. It’s boring, and I usually end up thinking about literature while I’m in there. Come to think of it, I don’t really like what my religion teaches, but I don’t think I will reject a belief system on that basis.

        I mean think about it…a scam religion created by men would probably conform to mans’ (womens’) natural instincts and desires, right? That’s actually one of the reasons I believe it–because I don’t WANT to believe it. Christianity validates itself as a “non-scam” because it doesn’t logically coincide with rational reasons for creating a scam. The primary reason most scams are created is to make money. In my particular faith no one holds a gun to your head and makes you donate. Just like wordpress…it’s completely free to belong to a parish. The bottom line is that the best reason for believing something is because you think it is TRUE, and not because you want to believe it is false.

        Have a good day.

      2. Ah now this is interesting! Yes, I’m the same. When I’m in church I always end up planning poetry & my books. I hate the fact that religion makes us feel guilty. I.e “we are not worthy to be called your children”

        I imagine that there must be lots of false religions, but who’s to say that the bible isn’t just a book of opinions, or completely manipulated by the Catholic church?
        Yes, I do agree; it is good that there is no charge for worshipping God etc.

        Have a lovely day & thank you for sharing your thoughts! 🙂

  10. Hi Sophie, after reading this, I smiled and could not respond but knew I should re-visit. This topic always brings about such strong opinions and its wonderful to read where everyone is in their lives iro religion or other 🙂 I would love for you to read a similar post that I wrote a while back – RACE, RELIGION AND GENDER

  11. As an experiment, you should (anonymously) try publicly supporting Christianity on an internet forum where non-believers gather. You may have interesting results. I used to do that all the time and really got a kick out of it. If you don’t like people being rude to you, you probably shouldn’t do it. Just warning you.

  12. This post of yours seems to have given the pot quite a good stirring, which I love!

    An it harm none, do as you will. Are the words I subscribe to.

    I believe that all religions are worth respecting and even following as long as they cause people to live as better more loving and mindful persons.

    Stay strong to your truth!

  13. “Since the first Adam who beheld the night and the day and the shape of his own hand, men have made up stories and have fixed in stone, in metal, or on parchment whatever the world includes or dreams create.” – Jorge Luis Borges. We as humans have always believed that we are first to develop new creations and ideas. However, we have often contradicted ourselves in claiming relations to God. When humans create something, we tend to think that, subconsciously, there must have been someone who already figured it out before us, because if the universe is infinite, therefore it is only logical that someone, somewhere else, must have figured this out too. And, if they had, and if they BEFORE us, then they must be not only more intelligent than us, but also more powerful and developed. Such is the birth of the Deity. If there is a divine force at work, then it is not discriminatory, it is not prejudiced, and it is not inhumane. The greatest God is within each and every one of us. Because, as quotes Ferdinand Foch, “the most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire”. Thank you for a wonderful reading, as usual 🙂

      1. I’m thinking of choosing one and pinning it to my FB page. Maybe people will stop inviting me to pray for their relatives/cats/friendly foreign populations in hospital/war zones 🙂

  14. God exists – God doesn´t exist
    Jesus is real – Jesus is fake
    Man is good – man is bad
    We were meant to be – we happened by chance
    Someone loves us – we have to love ourselves

    Thank God that I am not the one who has to make all the decisions about all the powerful forces at work in the universe and inside each one of us. I am grateful that I am not the judge, nor my brother´s keeper.

    For the one who says, ¨Listen to me.¨ – You had better be worth listening to.
    For the one who says; ¨Look away.¨ – You had better have something worth pointing towards.

    As for fighting over things and throwing insults, it might be common, but it doesn´t make you right.

    1. Ah, thank you for your really detailed comment. I appreciate your feedback. I wonder who does make those decisions?
      I did not throw insults…..it is simply my opinion….

      1. Precicely, for you and I to get into a heated debate, what could we possibly achieve. While we battle out our experience, knowledge and opinions, using all kinds of horrible sentiments to back up our positions, there could be others whom we offend or could use a comforting hand.

        The purest religion stems from a heart that goes out to others not one that attacks.

        Those who look within and those who gaze upward actually have much in common. The sense of wonder is something we should all embrace. Tragic is the soul who does not care enough to wonder.

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