In The Name Of

*From personal experience*

Segregated family

Broken integrity

Forbidden communication

Eating disorders

Endless depression

Controlling dictators

Severe manipulation

Twisted opinions

Dangerous blackmail

Nervous breakdowns

Two suicides

Destructive religion.

©Sophie Bowns 2011-2014


Religious Opinions

What is this thing called Christianity, is it really a fact?

It might be one big story, which dictates how people act

Who’s to say my beliefs are wrong, or I’m inferior to you;

Just because I’m not a Christian, reading the bible as you do.

What has God really achieved, where is the factual proof;

That he created the world in seven days, is it just a spoof?

Some people believe in a creature which dwells in outer space

Can we deny a monster exists; with spaghetti growing from its face?

There is no evidence it’s real, but it’s the belief of the group;

That this spaghetti creature is a prophet, to it they pray and stoop

Who’s to say that ‘God is love’, or there is a heaven or hell?

Did Jesus really die for us, or is that just opinion as well?

©Sophie Bowns 2011-2014


Theodore eye

I sense my Mother’s perfume; I can feel her next to me
Something has changed.  An alteration; whatever could it be?
I feel weakened by my illness. Mother, help me I am scared!
I was frightened Jane had gone forever and nobody ever cared
Please light some candles, it is dark; so black with in the room
I feel the sheets around my body, but with darkness I am consumed
Are you unable to sense my despair; can no one hear my cries?
It’s as if someone has taken a knife and poked out both my eyes!

Theodore, you see nothing? Dear please don’t be alarmed
I’m sure it is only temporary and your eyes are not permanently harmed
Jane is here beside me, Jane don’t leave you must stay here
Hold my son’s hand and reassure him that you are near
Must you be so selfish? You think yourself a lady of high fashion;
But you wont come near and hold his hand. Show him some compassion
Jane don’t you shake your head at me, remember with whom you’re seen
I am heads above you Jane; I am first and foremost the Queen.

©Sophie Bowns 2011-2014