*From the perspectives of Queen Evangeline and Mr Howard*

My poor young master is desperately ill; there is no change in him
He seems so feverish and restless as if something is happening within
You speak Jane’s name, with a voice so weak, yet so horribly distressed;
You are still extremely frail your Grace, you must lie still and rest
Please try to drink some water, for your throat is parched and sore
I promise that Jane remains safe at her home, don’t worry any more.

I curse the day he met wicked Jane; she has no heart at all
She is the reason he came to this, I blame her for his fall.
I fear he is overrun with delirium, for he keeps begging for Jane
But I know she won’t return to him, or sit at his side again.

Your fever has nearly broken; I see a change in you
You’ll make a slow recovery and be as good as new
I will go and fetch her; yes I will collect your beloved Jane
Then she can sit with you and hold you once again
Your Mother will watch over you, I would never leave you alone
You are safe and sound in your own bed, in the comfort of your home.

©Sophie Bowns 2011-2014


8 thoughts on “Foredoomed

  1. Love the alternating emotions between your two characters! It shows where their heart really is. Thanks for another great poem.

  2. I’m eagerly waiting for the next poem- I haven’t read the entire story yet I’m still perusing the short poems. Do write soon Sophie!

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