*From the perspectives of Theodore, Mr Howard and Queen Evangeline.*

I walk outside to the stables and fondly greet my horse,
She looks at me in her quiet way; prepared to ride the course
I race through the tranquil meadow, blood pulsating through my veins
I feel a stabbing to my chest; my body is engulfed with pain
I place my hand to my throbbing heart and gulp for breaths of air
What life am I supposed to live now, perhaps Jane does not care?

His Grace’s horse approaches, she whinnies, nudges me to follow
My heart is in my mouth, I assure you I can hardly swallow
I see him lying unconscious and cold upon the grass
How his pulse is racing, his heart beat irregular and fast
I must take him back to the palace; we have no time to spare
I sense his breath against my cheek, one which is barely there.

What is the meaning of the kerfuffle? This is really no good!
What has happened to my only son, why is he caked in mud?
Miss Mallis is to blame for this, that evil, spiteful witch.
But without you Mr Howard, he might still be lying in a ditch
I thank you Mr Howard, but now you must run! Get our physician!
Remove Theodore’s boots before you go. I shall remain with him.

©Sophie Bowns 2011-2014


12 thoughts on “Kerfuffle

    1. Hey Alana!
      I really do love this idea and it doesn’t get done all that often in novels. I’ll consider doing just that. I’m working on something at the moment; I just want it to progress before I post it! 🙂

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