Theodore did collapse, oh what horror what a night!
He lay there on the stone floor, limp and deathly white
I have never seen him look chalky, or appear so ivory pale
What illness is it he’s hiding? The truth I must unveil
Naturally I had to see him and examine him on the bed;
My stomach was full of butterflies; my heart was filled with dread
Theodore lied, he is in fact ill. But why didn’t he take time to confide;
To tell me of the circumstances, what is it that he must hide?
What if I must marry an invalid? One who cannot live;
a normal life, I’d be his wife! That I cannot forgive.

Don’t leave Jane; oh please! What am I to do?
For if you do a fraction of me will die inside too
I think I have a fever, but now I am not so sure
Jane don’t abandon me, for it’s you that I adore!
I must get out of this palace; I must break free of this room
I’ll escape to the great outdoors, my feelings I must consume.
How my chest is aching; there’s an invisible flesh wound to my heart
Without you I shall go to pieces, my inner self will fall apart.
I must rise and go to the stables and ride out into the forest alone
In attempt to clear my misty brain and let go of the happiness I’ve known.

©Sophie Bowns 2011-2014


17 thoughts on “Unforgivable

    1. That is an absolutely fabulous idea Alana!
      Which characters would you like me to do it between? Perhaps I could create one like that when Bonnie meets Theodore….
      Thanks! 🙂

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