The room is filled with people, none of which I know
It is our engagement party and yes, it frightens me so
Theodore you just chatter away, but you are not yourself
Why do you look so peaky and pale; is it linked to your health?

Jane do not mock Lord Cranberry, I am very hurt;
By the negative things you say and words of poison you spurt
Do not poke fun of my friend, is it not plain for you to see,
By making a mockery of my party guests you also offend me!

Theodore you look so changed, what is wrong with you?
It’s not hot in here at all, what am I supposed to do?
Dear please stand still for a moment, you don’t look quite right
Perhaps you should rest now Theodore and retire for the night

I must get out of this room Jane, the music is oh so loud
My forehead is burning horribly, yet I feel trapped by the crowd
Is there a chair nearby? Oh where is the nearest door?
For I fear if I don’t sit down, I might collapse to the floor.

©Sophie Bowns 2011-2014


10 thoughts on “A Chair Please

  1. Love the alternating verses between Jane and Theodore – it shows how unsuited they are for each other – well done!

  2. The device did work – and now that you have a poetic prequel to “Theodore”, do you know what I would love to see as a next work? A couple or three poems as a sequel to “Planchette” while you think of your next major project. No pressure, of course!

    1. Thank you for your lovely comments Alana, I always look forward to receiving them.
      I’d probably like to post some more ‘Theodore’ poems first. I’m not sure about ‘Planchette’ I think I’ll always see that as a practice piece, rather than regarding it as an actually novel. It’s by far my least favourite of the 3. But…. we shall see!

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