What is it to be engaged? I’m not sure if I know

Mother says it is to be expected. Yes, she tells me so

I must always aim to please and not cross over the line

I need to stay reserved, and then everything will remain fine

There is a woman named Jane, who is of beauty and class

If she is kind and amiable, then I’m sure she will surpass

I am only 20 years old, I feel too young to be a groom;

I must take on responsibility, my feelings I must consume

What if she doesn’t have feelings for me, or accept me as I am?

Perhaps all she will care for is my fortune, take me for a foolish man

I have decided that I shall love Jane; and make my parents proud

Together we shall stand and announce our engagement to the crowds.

©Sophie Bowns 2011-2014


30 thoughts on “Engagement

  1. Great first poem in this series. Sophie! You can sense his doubt , but his obligation to family is strong. Thank you!

      1. Marriage is the very best commitment….be the brightest day when you get married to the saddest day when one of you leaves this world for the next…

  2. Going back and writing poetry based on your previous stories – why not insert some poetic interludes? I just wish I could get my first true fiction work going! (my blog post for tomorrow). I can envy you except I have an idea of all the hard work that has gone into your works.

    1. Hey Alana. Do you mean that I should go back and add my poems into the actual ‘novel chapters’ ? I wont for the time being, but if ever anything came of my work; I’d LOVE to do that!

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