Don’t worry my friends. I’m happy, well as content as I can be

As I watch over you from my heaven, spare a small thought for me

Don’t shed a tear, please don’t waste them on your little friend

Everyone must die sometime, but I came to a sooner end

Nikolai, I scared you and for that I will always regret;

That you saw me so differently, perhaps like a little pet

But you have kind Jenna now; hold her tight and close to you

She’ll help you in the darkness, until you fully pull through

You’re nearly there now, but don’t run before you can walk

Don’t forget me Nikolai. Remember Cordelia who couldn’t talk.

©Sophie Bowns 2011-2014


37 thoughts on “Remember Me

      1. Sophie….you have a kind spirit. When you say “I can’t imagine”,you couldn’t be more wrong. You feel empathy to when others cry,grieve or are unhappy do you not? When you show love comfort and love to someone in pain,in your own way,you are imagining what they are feeling. I too,loved this poem,it will be a year next month since I lost my Lori,so I feel your words keenly.

      2. 🙂
        Yes, you’re right. I suppose that I do. I actually haven’t been writing poetry for all that long, but I am very lucky to have such lovely readers! I’m very grateful.

  1. Sophie, that was beautiful. I reminds me of my loved ones that have passed on and how I know that they are watching over me and wishing for my happiness. Thank you for the beautiful way it was written.

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