I’m confused in my troubled mind;  still weak, malnourished and shaken

What did I witness before my very eyes; why was your little life taken?

If only I’d known the truth from the start, perhaps I could have prevented the end

Must I deny that you ever existed, do I have to pretend?

Jenna guides me to rest back on my pillow, as she speaks words of comfort to me;

Places a tender kiss upon my lips and reassures me that you are finally free

I cry for you, dainty Cordelia. You were as fragile as glass

As fairy-like as a little imp, yet for a human you somehow passed

I can only hope that your soul is at rest and you are as content as can be

I was too selfish to ever love you. You shouldn’t be dead; it should be me.

©Sophie Bowns 2011-2014


20 thoughts on “Aftermath

    1. Hey Alana; I’m not sure if Nikolai will ever be able go get over what happened. He’s matured a great deal along this difficult journey and he’ll mature more now as you say.
      Thanks for your great comments!

  1. A beautiful poem Sophie – his interaction with Cordelia will hopefully make him a better man; her life was not for nothing.

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