Missing you is like a summer with no sun, or an autumn without its coloured leaves

Your chair sits empty, I expect to see you sat smiling but you’re no longer here

Next Boxing Day there will be a part missing; like a vital piece of a jigsaw, or an empty square in a crossword. You won’t be there.

Most days I think about you, spare a thought for you or recall a precious memory; one which I will cherish in my heart forever.

I hope you’re content in your little section of heaven, or wherever your free spirit lies.

-Grandma, I miss you.

©Sophie Bowns 2011-2014


45 thoughts on “Grandma; I miss you

  1. I loved your post ‘Grandma; I Miss You’. I tried to ‘Press This’ to my wordpress page but it came out as if it was my post so I had to trash it. Is there a knack to ‘Press it’?

      1. Well, both of my grandparents had Alzheimer’s, so it was kinda to be expected by my grandma, but I suspect my grandpa died partly of a broken heart, as his illness wasn’t that advanced… Anyway, at least they’re out of pain and together now! x

  2. Thanks for sharing this! Makes me miss my grandmas who both died in the last three years. It’s a void no one else can fill. I hope the dedication I’m about to write for my first book will be this lovely.

    1. Thank you for reading it.
      Both my Granddad’s died in the space of 2 years and one was only 60; it was a hard time.
      The best of luck with your novel – I’d love to read it!

  3. Your wonderful poem made me think about an old lady who lived across the road from me when I was a little girl, she wasn’t related to me but she was every bit of your lovely poem to me. Thank you and God bless you for that wonderful memory 🙂

  4. Such a sweet tribute letter! Both my grandmothers are gone, but there is only one I knew. I miss her house, her meals, and her joy upon seeing us arrive when we went to visit for holidays. I believe I owe my love of sweet tea to her!

  5. Your Grandma is lucky to have a granddaughter who misses her so much and thinks of her fondly. I often wonder if my kids miss my mum and it was nice to read your post. Please continue to keep her spirit alive by sharing her life with others.

  6. TEARS… Mine left us at 97 years “of”. SHE sang her favorite Hymn for thirteen hours, ( The Nurses told Us.), it was a half hour before “the music was noticed to have STOPPED by the [Doctor’s] body temp.
    She’d taken college courses, coming up as a Mule Driver when young, ( She COULD write her name in CURSIVE with a switch.)

    1. Wow- what a marvellous age!
      Music is such a wonderful thing. I’m a carer, and we have a resident who always hums ‘Annie’s Song’ by John Denver. I always wonder what it actually meant to her.
      Gosh, that’s fascinating. What was her favourite hymn?

      1. Amazing Grace, written by a former slave ship captain. “Esther’s” Mother was born into slavery… she died in LEESVILLE, SC in 1962. I met her.She was 104 years done.

  7. Sophie I love this message to your grandmother…I just posted about how we will see all our loved ones again….go see heaven is real..I had a near death experience like that…Heart to heart Robyn..

    1. Hello Robyn, thank you for your lovely comment!
      I need to read your message. Oh my goodness! Did you sense that you were closer to heaven? (If you don’t mind me asking)

      1. Yes in Heaven…and I saw everyone that went before me…It was and still is …the most special moments i have ever had..stays with me forever…. I was just so happy..to relive it through the movie…Heart to Heart Robyn

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