Are you really there, or is my mind playing a game?

I lie alone in darkness; do I appear the same?

Have I died or slipped away, is my soul in the in-between?

Must I cling onto life, so my actions can be redeemed?

Whose voice is there in the shadows, is it someone that I know?

That tells me I’m no longer wanted, orders me to let go

Perhaps Jenna never did love me and Tim doesn’t care

How will I ever know the truth, if I can’t feel that you’re there?

Please hold my hand with tenderness, or speak comfort to me;

As I sink deeper into the darkness, must I cry so you can see?

Perhaps I really am dying, but don’t let me die alone

I’m scared beyond explanation, terrified of the unknown.

©Sophie Bowns 2011-2014


13 thoughts on “Die Alone

  1. Wow! Very moving Sophie.. It’s interesting how many people do die alone, when their relatives nip out for a cup of tea after sitting with them for hours. I was with my sister when she passed and found it to be such a privilege. I felt so much closeness in those last minutes.

    1. Thank you Rosemary!
      It makes me so sad to think that people do. I work as a carer and on a night shift we take it in turns to sit with residents who are dying so that they’re not alone if their family cannot be there. I’m glad that you could be there to support your sister, thanks for sharing your story. x

  2. Great poem Sophie – reading about his fears and emotions behind the coma. You just don’t know what they are thinking .

    1. Thank you Michele. I know, that’s the thing. That’s why they say b careful what you say in front on comatose patients, they might be able to hear every, single word!

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