For days you’ve just lain there, no change has etched your face

So I must continue my vigil in this unfamiliar place

Surrounded by beeping machines, I don’t know how you sleep;

Deeper than I’ve known you to do, I watch you silently weep

Nikolai baby, are you in pain, or in some horrible distress;

That no-one can get to the bottom of, are you putting us to the test?

Your olive skin looks so pale; your lips are as white as snow

How can we help you Nikolai, if the truth we do not know?

Tim says you might be able to hear us and listen to what we say;

But I’m frightened that your soul has floated, hundreds of miles away.

©Sophie Bowns 2011-2014


23 thoughts on “Vigil

      1. Our son was knocked down on his way to school and then a second car went over him, many years ago now!! But I still remember those first few hours and days like it was yesterday!!! That’s why your words really got me. I’ve never been able to write about it myself and thank fully after a long long journey he was completely healed and restored back to full health. Perhaps one day I will write something but until then thank you, I think a little more healing took place today 🙂

      2. I can’t even begin to imagine how tough that must have been for you and your family.
        I’m relieved that he made a full recovery.
        -They always say that the best pieces of work are written from the heart.
        Your story has really moved me. Thank you for sharing it. x

  1. So touching. As a parent I can not imagine how tough and heart wrenching that would be. God bless you, thank you for sharing these beautiful heartfelt words!

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