Wallow and sulk that’s all you do, please tell me what’s wrong

Explain why you no longer talk to me, why is your face so long?

Cordelia, why are you so silent, what is it that you hide?

Whatever it is, your little secret is eating you up in side

I know you have an obsession, one with the human kind

But Granny says they’re a selfish breed and have a bitter mind.

So you say you’re in love with a man, what’s to say he loves you too;

Or even recalls your little face, does this human remember you?

Don’t take drastic measures and don’t do anything extreme

For if you do my little sister; you’ll only have to come clean.

©Sophie Bowns 2011-2014


3 thoughts on “Athena

  1. Wonderful! Very Yeatsian, of couse I know that’s not a word, or wasn’t until now. 😉 Peace. ~ Michael

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