Down beneath the surface, I wallow in my cave

I await my next visitor; are they foolish or very brave?

Here, I have a victim ready to saunter through my door

Perhaps pretty mermaid, you’d like to sit upon my floor

Oh little one do come here, I might be able to assist

I can find the man you dream of, the one you wish to kiss

There are terms and conditions of course, nothing is for free

I just require a small payment; please give your voice to me

It won’t hurt; I’m not that cruel; of course you’ll be asleep

I’ll find a way to lift your body, to drag you from the deep

Just take this pink pill, pop it in, let it fizzle on your tongue

Close your eyes, envisaging your man; my work has just begun.

Who is this Nikolai, is he genuine; does he look past the outer shell;

Of any woman who crosses his path, does he see their soul as well?

I’m not convinced; I think he’s a man who doesn’t know his own mind

He’s quite the lost cause, lacks a Mother’s guidance; a shallow, selfish kind.

Little Cordelia just look at you, blissfully unaware of my payment route

But I can assure you this Nikolai man, could never love a mute

Why would I bother explaining this to you? You need to see for yourself

That he will never see the real Cordelia; you’ll just be placed on a shelf.

©Sophie Bowns 2011-2014


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