Nikolai I found you lying injured that morning on the beach

No wait, you were submerged in the shallows, Jenna don’t presume to preach

I was there, I know what happened.Tim, why do you frown?

Do you think I’d make this up or would just let Nikolai drown?

Just remember that took you a night to find him on the shore

Don’t give me your silly excuses; it’s me he will adore

When he believes that it was me, who saved his sorry little life

If he doubts me for a moment,  my words will cut him like a knife.

Jenna you can pretend to protect him, make him believe that you care

But were you at his accident? No babes you weren’t even there

You’re wonderful friends , letting him almost perish in the sea

Do you think he’ll trust you now? No, Nikolai will come to me.

©Sophie Bowns 2011-2014


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