My son is in a coma, what the hell do I do?

How bad are his injuries, is it likely he’ll pull through?

He’s all the way in the Bahamas and I’m trapped here in  L.A

Even if Nikolai was conscious, what on earth would I say?

I haven’t been the best Dad; always away, no time to chat

I’m probably a useless parent and I should admit that

Nikolai I’m so sorry, your text messages were not in vain

I’ve had a change of heart, I’m about to board the plane

I need to alter my ways, it’s not acceptable for me to hide

Tonight I’ll be with you, to support you on this bumpy ride.

©Sophie Bowns 2011-2014


12 thoughts on “Franco- No more excuses.

      1. Very cool, thank you for the link. All of YOU wonderful writers just make me want to quit my job and go hide in the woods with my laptop for a few months. Good luck!

  1. I like your small poetic insights into each of the characters. At this point in the story itself the poems really embody each character’s emotional states and shows just how far some of them have come along throughout the novel as well as show their strengths/struggles with the situaions at hand.

    1. Thank you. It’s just a little brainwave that I had. 😉
      I think Nikolai has come on the furthest. Would you agree. At the start he was so insecure and immature. I’d say that he’s really grown up on his holiday in the Bahamas.

      1. Yes I’d say he has come the furthest though I think the other characters started off a little more mature which in some ways was good as they have been able to help with his progression. It is now also good to see his dad in the picture as well and hopefully if Nik pulls through they will have a stronger bond as well.

      2. Yes absolutely. Nikolai was the immature one out of them. I like Franco as a character and like you say, this might bring them together at last!

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