Nikolai break down the walls around your troubled mind

Pause, look inside yourself and perhaps you may find

The real you, the gentleman and the man we’d like to see

But don’t listen if you don’t want to, don’t take advice from little me

Sit down Nikolai, clear your head and just think

Don’t let yourself go when you’re really on the brink;

Of something really quite serious, I can’t pinpoint what it is

Look, I think Jake caused your accident, the fault of this was his

Stop chasing the superficial woman who keeps lying all the time

Your heart isn’t hears Nikolai, your heart in fact is mine.

©Sophie Bowns 2011-2014


28 thoughts on “Jenna

    1. Thanks so much for sharing it Irene. It’s lovely to hear from you.
      It was an idea that just crossed my mind. I missed writing poetry, so I thought; why not link the two together? 🙂

      1. WELL…depends when you wrote your story….and I wrote mine. In this case, I wrote my poetry before looking at your post…but sometimes I’ll use someone else’s post as a springboard for my own!

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