*From the perspectives of Queen Evangeline and Mr Howard*

My poor young master is desperately ill; there is no change in him
He seems so feverish and restless as if something is happening within
You speak Jane’s name, with a voice so weak, yet so horribly distressed;
You are still extremely frail your Grace, you must lie still and rest
Please try to drink some water, for your throat is parched and sore
I promise that Jane remains safe at her home, don’t worry any more.

I curse the day he met wicked Jane; she has no heart at all
She is the reason he came to this, I blame her for his fall.
I fear he is overrun with delirium, for he keeps begging for Jane
But I know she won’t return to him, or sit at his side again.

Your fever has nearly broken; I see a change in you
You’ll make a slow recovery and be as good as new
I will go and fetch her; yes I will collect your beloved Jane
Then she can sit with you and hold you once again
Your Mother will watch over you, I would never leave you alone
You are safe and sound in your own bed, in the comfort of your home.

©Sophie Bowns 2011-2014



*From the perspectives of Theodore, Mr Howard and Queen Evangeline.*

I walk outside to the stables and fondly greet my horse,
She looks at me in her quiet way; prepared to ride the course
I race through the tranquil meadow, blood pulsating through my veins
I feel a stabbing to my chest; my body is engulfed with pain
I place my hand to my throbbing heart and gulp for breaths of air
What life am I supposed to live now, perhaps Jane does not care?

His Grace’s horse approaches, she whinnies, nudges me to follow
My heart is in my mouth, I assure you I can hardly swallow
I see him lying unconscious and cold upon the grass
How his pulse is racing, his heart beat irregular and fast
I must take him back to the palace; we have no time to spare
I sense his breath against my cheek, one which is barely there.

What is the meaning of the kerfuffle? This is really no good!
What has happened to my only son, why is he caked in mud?
Miss Mallis is to blame for this, that evil, spiteful witch.
But without you Mr Howard, he might still be lying in a ditch
I thank you Mr Howard, but now you must run! Get our physician!
Remove Theodore’s boots before you go. I shall remain with him.

©Sophie Bowns 2011-2014


Theodore did collapse, oh what horror what a night!
He lay there on the stone floor, limp and deathly white
I have never seen him look chalky, or appear so ivory pale
What illness is it he’s hiding? The truth I must unveil
Naturally I had to see him and examine him on the bed;
My stomach was full of butterflies; my heart was filled with dread
Theodore lied, he is in fact ill. But why didn’t he take time to confide;
To tell me of the circumstances, what is it that he must hide?
What if I must marry an invalid? One who cannot live;
a normal life, I’d be his wife! That I cannot forgive.

Don’t leave Jane; oh please! What am I to do?
For if you do a fraction of me will die inside too
I think I have a fever, but now I am not so sure
Jane don’t abandon me, for it’s you that I adore!
I must get out of this palace; I must break free of this room
I’ll escape to the great outdoors, my feelings I must consume.
How my chest is aching; there’s an invisible flesh wound to my heart
Without you I shall go to pieces, my inner self will fall apart.
I must rise and go to the stables and ride out into the forest alone
In attempt to clear my misty brain and let go of the happiness I’ve known.

©Sophie Bowns 2011-2014

A Chair Please

The room is filled with people, none of which I know
It is our engagement party and yes, it frightens me so
Theodore you just chatter away, but you are not yourself
Why do you look so peaky and pale; is it linked to your health?

Jane do not mock Lord Cranberry, I am very hurt;
By the negative things you say and words of poison you spurt
Do not poke fun of my friend, is it not plain for you to see,
By making a mockery of my party guests you also offend me!

Theodore you look so changed, what is wrong with you?
It’s not hot in here at all, what am I supposed to do?
Dear please stand still for a moment, you don’t look quite right
Perhaps you should rest now Theodore and retire for the night

I must get out of this room Jane, the music is oh so loud
My forehead is burning horribly, yet I feel trapped by the crowd
Is there a chair nearby? Oh where is the nearest door?
For I fear if I don’t sit down, I might collapse to the floor.

©Sophie Bowns 2011-2014

Under The Weather

Elegant miniature original Victorian antique cased pocket thermometer

I’ve been feeling a little unwell of late;  yes, a touch under the weather

But I mustn’t alarm my darling Jane, not when we’re together

Sometimes I become exhausted and hot, I have to gasp for air

It hasn’t happened in public circumstances, that I could not bear.

Occasionally I have a momentary lapse and everything goes black

She was angered when I admitted this happens, rather taken aback

Jane branded me a lair, and then she accused me of hiding the truth

What in God’s name am I supposed to do when she is flighty and so aloof?

I am sure that it is nothing serious, perhaps it is a cold in my head;

It will melt away when preparations are made for Jane and I to be wed.

©Sophie Bowns 2011-2014

My Betrothed

Oh Theodore is dashing, but he has certain heirs and ways

Of course he does, he’s a Prince and I must do what his Mother says

It’s his Mother the Queen who frightens me; with her sharpened, whip-like tongue

In time we shall be expected to rule a Kingdom and yet I feel so young

No doubt his Grace is a kind man, but what is it to be in love;

Do the birds chirp even louder and angels sing in the realms above?

Or is this a foolish, girlish fantasy that I must conceal

But do I really care for Theodore, what is this I feel?

I think I’m excited by the status, endless money and more;

In short, I’m not besotted with him. I don’t love Theodore.

©Sophie Bowns 2011-2014

Happy Birthday Ben Forster

ben SW

Let’s go back to the beginning and revise the very start;

When on that August evening, you won the nation’s heart

Over the past two years you’ve shone, shown us what you can do

Embarking on new projects; your talent continues to shine through.

The 24th of April is special; today is your date of birth;

The exact day in fact; that you arrived on this very earth

Have a fantastic day; I hope all your dreams come true;

Happy Birthday Ben Forster. Thanks for being you!

©Sophie Bowns 2011-2014

The Beauty Of The Room

Jane Mallis is a beauty. That I cannot deny
Her slender, elegant form immediately caught my eye
She dances through the corridors; like a dainty fairy, with glee
Jane kisses my cheek and takes my hand as I hold her close to me
Yes we are  indeed courting and that I cannot believe
I am with the beauty of the room; her hand rests upon my sleeve
On entering the crowded ball room, the guests look at her in awe
As  I aknowlege the reams of people, she glides across the floor

Then I pause, a little alarmed. No wait; slightly taken a back
When she makes an offensive comment, in some cruel, verbal attack
The dainty fairy has spoken and the angel becomes a troll
Perhaps her over- indulgence in wine may have taken its toll
Jane adjusts my collar and laughs again, not even sensing my despair
As she pushes back an unruly lock of my silky, chestnut hair
She giggles like a naughty child and bats her eye lashes at me
I am with the beauty of the room, but from her grasp I wriggle free.

©Sophie Bowns 2011-2014



What is it to be engaged? I’m not sure if I know

Mother says it is to be expected. Yes, she tells me so

I must always aim to please and not cross over the line

I need to stay reserved, and then everything will remain fine

There is a woman named Jane, who is of beauty and class

If she is kind and amiable, then I’m sure she will surpass

I am only 20 years old, I feel too young to be a groom;

I must take on responsibility, my feelings I must consume

What if she doesn’t have feelings for me, or accept me as I am?

Perhaps all she will care for is my fortune, take me for a foolish man

I have decided that I shall love Jane; and make my parents proud

Together we shall stand and announce our engagement to the crowds.

©Sophie Bowns 2011-2014

Remember Me

Don’t worry my friends. I’m happy, well as content as I can be

As I watch over you from my heaven, spare a small thought for me

Don’t shed a tear, please don’t waste them on your little friend

Everyone must die sometime, but I came to a sooner end

Nikolai, I scared you and for that I will always regret;

That you saw me so differently, perhaps like a little pet

But you have kind Jenna now; hold her tight and close to you

She’ll help you in the darkness, until you fully pull through

You’re nearly there now, but don’t run before you can walk

Don’t forget me Nikolai. Remember Cordelia who couldn’t talk.

©Sophie Bowns 2011-2014