Trapped in a world of silence, now I must stand alone

I have no choice but to step aside; suspected by friends I’ve known

That one little slip of poison might have been enough to kill

To take his life away from him, against his own free will

Too naïve to see the outcome, too trusting for my own good

Unable to see past his beauty, he didn’t care about me like I thought he would

Must I be an outcast and eternally mute for all to see?

One thing’s for sure, one thing I know; Nikolai will never love me.

©Sophie Bowns 2011-2014


19 thoughts on “Cordelia

  1. Poor foolish Cordelia. I hope there can be a happy ending for all. I love the Little Mermaid story and your variation on it. xx

  2. Poor Cordelia. All her sacrifice and all for nothing. Hope there will be happiness for her somehow.
    Lovely poem Sophie xxx

    1. Thanks Michele, I just had a little wave of inspiration. It only took me 10 minutes.
      I really do feel for Cordelia, but hopefully she’ll find contentment in other ways.

  3. Seeing the tiny mermaid “in the flesh” some years ago made me just as sad as reading your poem. Men and the cruel games they play…when we’re trying to grow up and find our feet in the world of female sexuality.

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