Jake- Assumptions

That jumped up little brat, with his expensive designer clothes

And his stupid heirs and graces, really gets under my nose

He may be quite the looker, with his perfect olive skin

But little do people know; he’s damaged from within

Look at him lounging over there, without a care in the world

As if butter wouldn’t melt, observe those angelic, glossy curls

I note his perfect, text book teeth. He has a Hollywood smile

The smile I’m about to wipe from his face. I’ll make it worth my while.

©Sophie Bowns 2011-2014


Tim- reassurance

Nikolai don’t worry, you’ve been through an ordeal

Don’t think about that girl, I doubt she’s even real

People were so wrong, and too quick to misjudge

Jake with his false opinions, seems to hold a grudge

He called you an insolent child, but look at the smarmy git

He digs himself in deeper, he’ll end up landing in shit.

Jen and I have your back, we’ll help you to your feet

We’ve been worried since the accident ; you’re struggling to make ends meet

Nik, please don’t let your troubled head over rule your heart.

Jenna completely adores you, she’s loved you since the start.

The American girl is plastic, fickle and entirely fake

Don’t break Jenna’s heart. You’ll make the ultimate mistake.

©Sophie Bowns 2011-2014

Nikolai- Insecurities.

Who am I, what am I really. Do I even know myself?

Am I just that spoilt rich kid, overcome with wealth?

Maybe I am that label; perhaps I’m a selfish brat

Or you might be the antagonist, who crushes my ego flat

I don’t always make the right choices, who are you to judge?

Why do you seem to mock me and hold that crushing grudge?

What is you know and take pleasure in hiding from me?

Tell me the truth and stop hiding away. Let my insecurities free.

©Sophie Bowns 2011-2014


Trapped in a world of silence, now I must stand alone

I have no choice but to step aside; suspected by friends I’ve known

That one little slip of poison might have been enough to kill

To take his life away from him, against his own free will

Too naïve to see the outcome, too trusting for my own good

Unable to see past his beauty, he didn’t care about me like I thought he would

Must I be an outcast and eternally mute for all to see?

One thing’s for sure, one thing I know; Nikolai will never love me.

©Sophie Bowns 2011-2014