Hosanna; let’s make our mark and preach the words you say

Jesus we are with you and we support you on this day.

Sing yourselves a song, you don’t know how blessed you are

You can all win the kingdom; as we are assisted from afar

Don’t waste your breath,  for we must sing this song

Why stand there in disgust, when you can come and sing along?

Point the flag high my friends; wave it with gusto and cheer

Shout the words I preach everyone, for we need the high-priests to hear

We won’t cease our shouting, following your every whim

You may as well drop your work, join our rabble and sing!


10 thoughts on “Hosanna

  1. Singing is a great way to cheer ourselves up, and I notice you have Jesus Christ Superstar in your tags – what a great piece! The stage musical, the film, the original album, I’ve loved that one for many years!
    Cheers, Gordon

    1. Thank you Gordon !Yes it is, I love singing!
      I adore Jesus Christ Superstar. I was lucky enough to see the arena tour in the UK in October- it was wonderful. The actor I’ve based this piece on is Ben Forster- he was exceptional as Jesus!

  2. You almost have me believing in Jesus! I always loved the 1973 JCS movie, though I haven’t seen any live performances like you have. I do own both the film soundtrack and the original recording with Ian Gillan and Murray Head. And, of course, the wonderful Yvonne Elliman was in both. Maybe it’s time for me to buy a newer version. It’s one of the few musicals I actually like that much! Anyway, I think your JCS poems really capture the scenes well. That’s quite a feat…

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