You are by me when I need you most, Mary with your heart of gold
I relish the calm touch of your hand, love how our conversations unfold
The gentle scent of your sweet perfume is the most pleasurable comfort to me
Alas, people look down their nose at you. They don’t think this can ever be
Mary with your reassuring eyes, a woman of the streets I know
But you are my rock, most reliable friend and how I care for you so.

Look at me I’m little more than a whore, with my funny streetwise ways
But Jesus how I adore you my dear, I could simply admire you for days
Alas my friend; I cannot tell you; for I know you do not feel the same
And if I were to trouble your head more; I’d only have myself to blame
You are above my social class and yes I know I’ve had too many men
I’ll sit stationary,admiring you from here as you trouble your head again.


19 thoughts on “Impossible Love

  1. Beautiful poem. I could only think how difficult it was for both Jesus and Mary Magdalene to deal with their feelings. It was sure that they loved each other but was it in the same way or not. I think in time it could have been if Jesus did not die. He deserved to be happy.

  2. Mary Magdalene is one of those historical figures who has had so much legend grow up around her life and the nature of her relationship with Jesus, that we might find (if we could ever discover the truth) that the legends are a lot more entertaining. We’ll never truly know their feelings towards each other. It’s good to imagine

    1. Yes absolutely. There is not proof to whether they were/ weren’t together. But Jesus Christ Superstar suggests that they had feelings for each other at the very least!
      I personally don’t think she was a prostitute either…..

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