The end is very near my friends, almost within my grasp

So now I must say farewell to you, this supper will be our last

Take the bread I break from me; for this is my body you eat

Taste the wine, my rich flowing blood as never again shall we meet

Oh God help me! Just look at you, with your faces blank and lost

Must I spell it out to you? My friends, my life will be the cost;

Of the wicked behaviour from all man-kind, my death shall be a warning.

I see that I mean nothing to you; won’t you spend a moment mourning?

Peter you will deny me, shun my existence loud and clear

Cast my memory away forever; say it three times for all to hear

One of my friends betrays me, the man is drunken and mislead

Does it make you happy Judas, that the one who stood by you will be dead?

Judas shook his head “you wanted me to do it” he muttered under his breath

Skulking away, overwhelmed by confusion and mentally contemplating his death.




23 thoughts on “The Last Supper

  1. I love your idea of a poem, and the first three lines are perfect! I just wish I agreed with your theology. His death was much more than a warning, it was a payment for our wicked behavior.

  2. I like it…if I may say :-(…the last 2 lines were not my favorite…but other than that I think you did a really good job…I was totally picking up what you were putting down…you were very successful at stating your opinion in a very artist way…<3

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