The crown of thorns pressed onto his head, penetrating his skin

Ruby droplets of blood drained down as his soul ached from within

Vision hazed; his head flopped forwards as he was grabbed by a heavy grasp

He must bear this and let things lie, as it was his duty to fulfil his task

Hammers chiseling and nails galore, they nailed him to the wood

Raised it to the heavens above the ground he bore consequences as he knew he should

Hours passed, as his arms weakened and the bones dislodged from his joints

His chest so stretched, he lost all hope. To struggle there would be little point

“Father forgive me, this is all my fault my people are misled and confused

If I had managed better, we would have succeeded, this religion would not be abused

But why oh why have you forgotten me? You let things end on this horrible day

And now I shall die and become a martyr, in this undignified, painful way.”

As he hung tortured, the sun disappeared, performing a solar eclipse

Alas, he did die as the last pained breath escaped from his blue-hued lips.


14 thoughts on “Martyr

    1. Thank you so much Amy! Yes, it’s probably the most emotional part of the musical (it always makes my cry!)
      I decided my blog needed a little ‘make over’ for 2014 😀

  1. What must it be like to know your duty must be fulfilled? The pain and torment would be unbearable in a young man. By the way, I walked the way of the cross in 1988. So poignant.

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