Yes I’m going to help you, isn’t it plain for you to see?

In front of you powerful high priests stands little old me

Oh I’ve been racking my brains, thinking this all through

It only seemed right that I ran my plans by you

Don’t look at me like that; I’m not in this for myself

I don’t need your blood money, I don’t crave eternal wealth

Jesus is losing his way along his self- obsessed path

Just take him down a peg or two, nothing too brash

The man is no longer clever; his ideas are far from wise

I’m tired of his antics, I can no longer sympathise;

With his foolish little tantrums or crocodile tears

I’ve had enough, I stood by him for three years;

Just promise me one thing, keep this secret between you and me

Assure me I haven’t condemned my soul for all eternity.


8 thoughts on “Damned

    1. Thank you Paula!
      It’s part of a mini series, based around the theme of “Jesus Christ Superstar”
      I have based my Jesus/ Judas around the actors in the 2012/ 2013 arena tour.
      (Ben Forster and Tim Minchin)

    1. Yes absolutely- That’s a good point actually.
      There isn’t a lot about Judas Iscariot in the bible (I don’t think)
      The Judas here is based on the wonderfully talented singer, songwriter & musician; Tim Minchin 🙂

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