I am engulfed by a cloud of darkness, alas I cannot see

My legs are bowed and horribly crippled, someone help me

Look at my skin, I am diseased. How my flesh rots and sheds

I am an outcast, my teeth fall out. I’m controlled by my addiction to meth

That’s it tall man, clutch my hand, engulf me with healing light

Please give me chance, an opportunity to live as you help us with all your might.

Cast your eyes on my hospital gown, patterned with patches of blood

Heal me now, deliver me from illness and only show us good

Soothe us Jesus, bring us comfort and take away our pain

We must crowd you, and grab your limbs as our actions torture your brain.


19 thoughts on “Mend me

      1. I will always read your short form writings. In this one, I really like how you–or the speaker–transition from having the illness to wanting to be healed from it. I was an English teacher in another life, so I like to analyze everything. But of course, there are multiple interpretations.

      2. Thank you- yes you pretty much got it. My poems are actually based around ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ and in particular; the 2012/ 2013 arena tours. I was inspired by Ben Forster ( @thebenforster ) who plays Jesus! 🙂

      3. That’s the theme in which they stem from.
        There’s a few full JCS on youtube, but the version my poems are based on is the 2012/ 2013 UK/ Australian arena tour, starring Ben Forster as Jesus & Tim Minchin as Judas 🙂

      4. interesting. I have acoustic trauma in my ears from my younger days going to concerts and clubs. So I do not think I would be able to handle a live performance. But it would be nice to see.

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