Why that worried face my dear? Everything’s alright
You look ever so pale Jesus, your face is snowy white
Please sit back down my friend, how you scare me so
With your anxious face and clammy palms, tell me what you know.
All I desire is for you to sleep well and dream as you doze
To place your head upon this pillow, and forget all about those;
Who cause you grief and antagonise your despair
Yes it is Judas who watches us from over there
With those beetle black eyes, with their bulging veins
As he clutches his alcohol bottle, he will never change
Forget about that man, he is nothing to you
Believe in yourself and all the wonders you do
Let me massage you with this ointment, soothe away the pain
Deliver you from your haunting thoughts, which wash your brain again
Judas what are you doing, you disillusioned man?
When I am trying to soothe him, you do all you can
To break the peace, to shatter the serenity
Jesus don’t react, he heightens the mood intensity

Mary look at yourself, with your whoring ways
You try to look important, creating public displays
Of affection towards Jesus, I know it is an act
A woman such as you cannot love, it’s a fact
This fine ointment is costly, what about the poor?
Jesus, that was our mission don’t look at the floor
We need to help the hungry, people overcome with despair
And all you seem to care about is your feet and hair.


18 thoughts on “Ointment

    1. YAY! Thank you so much, I absolutely adore the musical and was inspired by the 2012/ 2013 arena tour. The cast were incredible. The actors I have based my poems on are ;
      Ben Forster (Jesus)
      Tim Minchin (Judas)
      and Mel C (Melanie Chisholm- Mary)

  1. Love Jesus Christ Superstar….have the original music from back in the 1970’s…. You’re writing is beautiful….. my only thought is that Mary really wasn’t a whore- that was manmade lore…. she was a something more….there’s a wonderful historical book out called ZEALOT…. worth the read if you’re interested in the historical aspects of Jesus’ life and times…. keep writing!!

    1. There is no proof to whether she was/ wasn’t a prostitute. In Jesus Christ Superstar, she is.
      Zealot sounds really good! I’ll have a look on Amazon now. Thanks so much for your feedback 🙂

  2. Another great poem in this series Sophie – again you capture the moment so well with your powerful imagery. I have the song in my mind as I read – well done!

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