Judas placed the sharp peck upon Jesus’s cheek

Jesus sighed; devastated, too choked to speak

He pulled Judas to him in a heart felt embrace

Reciprocating a kiss upon the side of his face

Jesus froze with fear, his blood running cold

Over his shoulder sensing the police standing bold

Clenching fingers grasped around the base of his arm

He was a lamb taken to slaughter, vulnerable to harm

They prised him from Judas, as he nodded and accepted

This was how it was meant to happen, it was expected

Peter jumped up and in desperation tried to fight

But he was beaten back, holding his injured arm tight

Jesus shook his head, willing them not to retaliate

It was all completely pointless, nothing could change his fate

He threw his troubled head back, gazing up at the sky

“Father, tell me; why is it so important that I die?”



16 thoughts on “Kiss

  1. Lovely poem. It’s so important to consider Jesus’ emotions at that point in his life. Just because he knew it was going to happen, doesn’t mean he wanted it to or was happy about it.

    1. Thank you! Yes, exactly so! 🙂
      My poems are based around the 2012/ 2013 “Jesus Christ Superstar arena tour”.
      Jesus is portrayed as being very frightened (as shown in the song ‘Gethsemane’) – if you haven’t seen it, the filmed version is available on Amazon and worth a watch! 😀

  2. Sophie this is brilliant – so emotionally strong. I feel like I am back in the arena experiencing it again. Well done!

    1. Ahhh thank you so much! What makes it even more special, is the fact that Ben Forster (the actor who’s Jesus portrayal I am basing my poems on, has read some of them!) – he’s on twitter….. @thebenforster

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