Chortling man with your ridiculous suit, wipe the smile from your face

Your chat show is incredibly gaudy; your morals are a disgrace

Look at your-over shined shoes, your trousers intricately pressed

What has really slipped your mind, is the seriousness of this mess

I see you are losing patience; you crease and crinkle your brow

I can assure you, my lips are sealed as you try to brew  a row

Look at your shimmering dancers, with their tiny sequined dresses

Revealing their busts, shiny shoes and immaculately styled tresses.

Clown of a man don’t shout at me, don’t grind your teeth and shun

It is all too late, I am beaten, you have already won

How dare you assume judge me, I’m an innocent man

It is slander to assume such things, you label me as a sham

I am not a liar, I am not a fraud.

I am stations above you sir, I am Jesus Christ the Lord


17 thoughts on “HEROD

      1. Most welcome, I have not been on this site for months, but will drop in on you more often now, starting to get organised for next year……..hopefully lol 🙂

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