I am a woman of the night, shunned by many men
But you saw the light inside my soul, opened my eyes again
That bright light dampened one day, the night they ushered you away
Nothing can change, your fate is written no matter how hard I pray

I sink to the floor without you, inner thoughts only about you
Did you know of my feelings for you? I wonder if you knew
My soul dies a little without you, the pain will never cease
I only hope that you’re somewhere better, your tortured soul at peace.

I sense your scarf under my fingertips and roll it into a ball
I place my head upon it and my bitter tears start to fall
My empty heart bleeds for you, you’re gone, you’ve passed.
If only good things never ceased, if only love could last.


37 thoughts on “Yearning

  1. What I’m saying is that I have never had an experience anything like what’s usually described as a “twin flame” or “twin soul.” Not that I wanted to make them wrong but I was sceptical of anyone who seemed to think they did. So why then would I start meeting people who sound like they just might?

  2. I like these JCS poems. Those are great characters, and JCS is really the best treatment of that relationship between JC and Judas. I’m sorry to be a little rude here, but where’s the end of Theodore?! Best wishes:-}

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