Deceit was all too simple, avoiding eye contact, hiding deception

The twisted man betrayed his friend, guilt ridden on reflection

Tasting the blood of Christ, he passed the bottle on

Catching his leader’s eye, those days of happiness gone

Jesus  looked up, frustration creased his brow

“You’re all going to forget me, in days to come from now”

“No” the men cried “that’s not true” they protested

Alarmed at the way it had even been suggested

“Look at Peter, he will deny me, deny my existence

Don’t touch my arm or pity me, I don’t need your assistance.

One of you betrays me, betrayal is what I sense,

What  do you have to say in your pathetic self-defence?”

Judas cast the bottle to one side, rising to his feet

His face reddening, his inner self boiling over with heat

“How can a sad pathetic man , one such as you

Blame me for your downfall, accuse me as you do.”

Jesus shook his head , frowning at the quisling

Aware that his survival chances were ever fizzling

You liar!”  Jesus cried. “Get out! Go on, GO!”

I warned you” Judas cursed.  “I was in the know



17 thoughts on “Quisling

  1. heheh- pretty amusing.

    It’s like a soap opera, except Jesus opts for the very mild “Get out!” I laughed thinking of Judas instead muttering “You ignorant *******” as he walked out defiantly slowly.

  2. Great poem. I liked the TV production “The Bible”. Jesus stroked Judas’ face in forgiveness. That’s the example I’d like to follow.

    1. Thank you Amy! 😀
      It is about Jesus & Judas, but I based the characters around Ben Forster & Tim Minchin who played the roles in the UK/ Australian tour. I think they’re coming to the US next year!
      Merry Christmas

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