Queen Evangeline rubbed her hands together, pacing across the great hall.
“Well, it looks like a fine day. Oh Rupert say something!”
King Rupert shook his head. “I don’t think she will come.”
“Oh now you are being negative! Of course Miss Mallis will come. She has a game plan.”
“I think you are being a little paranoid dearest.”
“Oh Rupert, you cannot comment because you are at least 2 months behind with recent events! Please make yourself look presentable before I return.”
“You know that I do not like the suit you wear. Please change into something more suitable. I am going to see my son before the festivities begin.”

“Yes, of course.”
“Well, are you going to accompany me?”
“You just suggested that I should…”
“You are not coming, you don’t want to see him?”
“No, I am.”
King Rupert did not say a word, sensing the blood pulsate through his veins.

Bonnie curtsied, clearing her throat. “Your Grace, your Mother and Father are here.”
Queen Evangeline cocked her head and raised an eyebrow, examining Bonnie’s bottle of smelling salts balanced upon the bedside table.
“Epsom salts?”
“Yes Ma’am.”
“You fainted, Theodore?”
“Yes, I am afraid that I did.”
“Oh dear.”
“Bonnie was here, she knew what to do.”
“I know she does. Oh your poor heart, I want to stay with you but… I will attend the ball for no more than an hour and a half and then I will return to you.”
“That would make me very happy.”
“Tell her to be no more than an hour.”
“M-Mother, please, make it an hour. I miss you.”
“You do not want me to go?”
“No, you must, don’t let me spoil your fun.”
She patted his hand. “Then Theodore, I shall see you in an hours’ time dear.”
“Thank you. Mother?”
“Tread carefully. If you are going to confront Jane, then do it with caution. Forgive me, I know what you can be like, you are similar to myself.”
“I assure you that I can fully handle the situation.”
“Hmm.” Theodore nodded. “You must go and get ready. Is it as large as my engagement ball?”
“Heavens no! We have half the number of guests.”
“Ah. Bonnie, you must go too.”
“Certainly not!” Bonnie exclaimed. “I cannot dance, I am un-fashionable and I am common.”
“You aren’t common, you are an educated woman.”
“Your Grace, I have never received elocution lessons, nor have I been taught to dance the dances. No, I wouldn’t be fit to be seen at such a grand event.”
The Queen smiled. “Bless you, I can assure you that you would out do most of the ladies there with your wit.”
“That is kind of you to say, your majesty.”
“It is true. Theodore, if Jane does come, is there anything you would like me to say to her?”
“She is not likely to ask about me so…”
“There is a chance that she might.”
“Well, if she does, tell her that I am very relieved that I no longer have to endure her ill-mannered and fickle company. What else, hmm. Tell her to ensure that she seeks the help from a medium, she’s going to be needing one very soon.”
The Queen raised an eyebrow. “I am lost , Theodore.”
“I doubt she’ll understand either, but she will, in time.”
Bonnie laughed a little. “Forgive me. I did not mean to laugh, it was the way in which you said it.
“She is a stupid girl Bonnie, nothing will ever make me sympathise with her for what she did.”
“Hmm. Your Grace, might I suggest something?”
“Yes if you must.”
“Do not dwell on your anger or upset. Instead, be thankful that you have both been able to move on.”
“You are always the sensible one Bonnie, yes, I suppose that I could look at it like that my dear. But I can’t help but hate her.”
“You do not hate her, your Grace. It is true she behaved towards you in a terrible way, but think of it like this; she saved you from a life time of regret.”
“But it wouldn’t have been a life time, would it Bonnie? I would have died regardless.”
“Oh Theodore!”
“It is true Mother. Please go downstairs and Bonnie, really, you should join her. I wish to be alone.”
“Your Grace, there was a good reason to why Miss Mallis came back. You will see.”

“Might I have a bath before the guests arrive. I have an idea, it is true that I cannot leave my chamber, but I wish to see Miss Mallis, oh I know that it sounds like a ridiculous idea but there is something that I need to ask her. It’s very important and my mind shall never be at rest until I do. Oh Mother, it has troubled my thoughts for a few weeks now and I do not know why it took me so long to think of it.”
“I would not be happy about that.”
“Mother I am a man and a dying one at that. I have some energy left tonight, please.”
“On the condition that Mr Howard should wait outside the door, just incase.”
“Mr Howard..and-and Bonnie.”
“Theodore, my son, you worry me. Is it something of so much importance?”
“I do not know myself, perhaps. But as I have already said, she may not come.”
“You are losing your voice again.”
“I’ll see to it.” Bonnie reassured, “I’ll fetch a little honey and lemon from the kitchen, that happened the last time, did it not.”
“Thank you Bonnie. Mother, you must go and get ready.”
“You know, we have gone to all this trouble to prepare this and I am not in the correct frame of mind, isn’t that sad.”
“I wish I could go in your place Mother.”
“So do I. Miss McGrath, did you ever attend country barn dances? I can imagine you’d be more suited to them.”
“It was a question Theodore, do calm down.”
Bonnie cleared her throat. “I have been once or twice, but that was when I was younger. I am no dancer.”
“Ah, that’s a shame. Miss Mallis was a fine dancer.”
“Jane!” Theodore snapped. “Why in God’s name would you bring her into the equation?”
“I must go now.” Queen Evangeline stated. “Forgive me Child, it simply slipped from my lips.”

©Sophie Bowns 2011-2014


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  1. How great that you are sharing your novel on your blog. I love that idea. I am in no way a writer, in fact I would say that I hated to write. That is kind of funny since I write and blog and absolutely love it. Maybe one day I will write a book. Thanks for sharing this great chapter.

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