“Your Grace, I am sure that you were having a conversation with someone.”
“I talk in my sleep sometimes. It is happening increasingly of late.”
“Where did you go?”
“Oh, I sat in the small garden for a little while.”
“The one where you took me?”
“Yes, that one. It was cold, but I feel refreshed.”
“Hmm, I am glad. I wonder if Mother has written to Father? She said that she would.”
“She said that she is still awaiting on a reply.”
“If it ever comes.” Theodore muttered. “What on earth is Father doing, the foolish man.”
“You tell me, what do you suppose that he is doing?”
“Either hiding away like a hermit or throwing extravagant parties.”
“Ah. He likes them?”
“He used to, but Mother and Father have not entertained in large quantities since I fell ill.”
“Could Mr Howard go and see your Father?”
“Perhaps, but it is quite a long journey and it may very well be wasted.”
“I’ll go.”
“No, please I want you to stay here.”
“Very well, but never hesitate to ask me. Here now, you must have another drink. I can hear your stomach grumbling, are you sure that you wouldn’t like something to eat?”
“No thank you.”
“I am determined that you shall eat something. Do you like ice cream?”
“I used to.”
“And now?”
“It is rich and brings back too many memories.”
“Ah. How about sorbet? I have never tried it, but have heard that it is lighter than ice cream.”
“Do not have any made especially. For I am cold enough as it is.”
“I tell you what, I will go down to the kitchen and seen what there is and whatever I bring back shall be a surprise.”
Bonnie exited and descended down the staircases until she reached the kitchen. She must ask the cook. The cook stared at Bonnie.
“Forgive me, I don’t think we have met before. I am Miss McGrath.”
“Ah the young reader, yes I know who you are.”
“I was wondering whether I could fetch something for his Grace, is there some ice cream or sorbet?”
“There is some vanilla ice cream in the ice box that their majesties did not finish at their luncheon dinner party, take as much as you like before it melts.”
“Thank you kindly.”

Bonnie fetched two bowls, scooping the ice cream into them. She returned to the bedroom where Theodore lay dozing.
“I found some ice cream.” She grinned. “Let’s prop you up a little.”
She placed a spoonful of the cool, delicious dessert into his mouth as he swallowed.
“Mmm, lovely.”
She swallowed some of her own, placing a second spoonful into Theodore’s mouth.
“This is helping my sore throat no end.” He smiled a sad sort of smile as Bonnie put his bowl on the bedside table, next to her untouched one.
“What is it?”
“I just feel…sad. I am scared that I should slip into unconsciousness again and not wake up, having not had the chance to say goodbye. It is a recurring dream I have, they often say that dreams like that can come true.”
“That would be peaceful at least.” Bonnie reassured, placing another spoonful of ice cream into his mouth.
“Peaceful, but…”
“Task one; you need to persuade your Father to return to the palace. Do what you must.”
Theodore shook his head.
“Yes, your Grace it is not as difficult as it may seem, perhaps you have a friend or servant who could fetch him for you.”
“Sorry your Grace, have you had enough ice cream?”
“Yes, thank you. Bonnie, I have a little favour to ask.”
“I wish to see my Father.”
“We have tried your Grace.”
“Perhaps we have not tried enough, could someone not go in person? I think the house in which he is lodging is only 10 miles or so away.”
“Shall I ask Mr Howard?”
“If you would.”

“Mr Howard?”
“Ah Miss McGrath, what is it?”
“His Grace wishes to see his Father, can something not be done?”
“I understand the Queen wrote to him and has had no reply yet.”
“Oh dear. Would- would you fetch him? There is so little time that I”
“Goodness, yes. I shall speak to her majesty and if she allows it, then I shall go and fetch the King myself.”
“Thank you.”
“It will take a full day to get there and back again and of course there is no guarantee that he will come back.”
“He and the Queen… I should not say.”
“Ah, I am sorry, I did not mean to intrude.”
“You meant no harm. Yes, I will go and speak to her majesty, I think she is in her parlour.”
“Thank you.”
Mr Howard knocked upon the painted door.
“Yes, who is it? Ah Mr Howard.”
“Yes Ma’am. I was just talking to his Grace and well, he desperately wants to see his Father.”
“I have an idea.”
“Do you?”
Queen Evangeline shook her head, staring out of the window. “I am ashamed to call that man my husband, I understand that I was a little foolish, but he has behaved in a terrible way. He has not responded to my letters for months, I am afraid that I cannot forgive him and I can assure you that he will not come.”
“What about if I were to go in person and fetch him?”
“Do as you like.”
“It would mean a great deal to Prince Theodore.”
“He wants to see his Father that is all, it may be the last time.”
“Yes, um you may take two days leave to fetch him then.”
“Thank you my Lady, I will go and tell his Grace directly, I am sure that the news will bring him a great deal of comfort.”
“I am sure that he will have a thing or two to say to his Father also.”
“Prince Theodore will behave in a calm and collected manner I am sure.”
“Yes, I do hope so. Well, off you go Mr Howard do not waste a moment more, go and fetch my so-called husband!”

©Sophie Bowns 2011-2014


13 thoughts on “Theodore-Chapter 40

  1. The drama with the father I didn’t really expect. Its good though because with the illness progressing towards inevitability the twists had to come from somewhere else. I cannot wait to see what happens next.

    1. Aha! That’s quite good then. I thought it best that I come up with a reasonable explanation to why the King is ‘missing’ 🙂
      Thank you for continuing to read my blog posts 🙂

      1. Ahh, well I tend to write at least a week in advance, I’m always at least 4 chapters ahead of myself, but I’m lucky with Theodore as it wasn’t too difficult to write!

  2. I’m not sure where I would want this to go. As Theodore is expected to die, the interest must come from elsewhere. The King could also have been on a diplomatic mission, perhaps. What if refuses to return with Mr. Howard? How heartless that would be.

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