“Lying is clearly not your strong point.”


“A mouse? Really?”

“Oh that. It just popped into my head.”

“Clearly. You should have said that you had a nightmare.”

“I didn’t think of that. Well, if you’re so clever, why didn’t you answer the door?

“Because, my love, like you, I am half-naked. Now then, where were we?”

“I think I remember.”

“Yes, but no more screaming are we understood.”

“Yes sir!”

“That’s more like it, shall we continue?”


“Children, oh do come along! I would have expected you to be awake by now! Lessons begin in less than an hour.”

“Oh must we get up!” Rupert groaned.

“Yes, I expect you to be up, washed, breakfasted and ready for lessons at 9am. As it is another nice day today, we shall spend some more time outdoors. Hurry along now and get yourselves ready. Your servants and parents may let you lounge around in the mornings, but I on the other hand do not. One hour.”  She left the room and hurried down the staircase.

“Oh Miss Douglas is horrid, absolutely horrid.”

“It is 8.20am Rupert. We have been a bit naughty, come on let’s get dressed.”

“Who says that I’m getting dressed?”

“Fine! I shall take my lessons without you and then Miss Douglas will tell Mother and Father I’m sure!”

“I don’t care!”

“You shall once you have been scolded.”

“They don’t scold. I’m not coming.”

Diana sighed, shaking her head and dressed, leaving Rupert alone in the room. She entered the school room, where Miss Douglas was seated.

“Ahh, Diana you are early.”

“Yes Miss Douglas.”

“But, pray tell me, where is Master Rupert?”

“He has not stirred from his bed.”

“Well that will not do! Run along and have your breakfast. Something will have to be done. I will speak to your Father about this, but first, I will try to wake Rupert myself.”


“Master Rupert! What is the meaning of this?! When your sister told me that you were not properly awake I had to come and see for myself. I now realise that she was telling the truth!”

“Yes, well done.”

“Heavens! I will not tolerate cheek from someone so young. If you are not up and dressed in 10 minutes, then I will have to inform your Father. Unless you are ill, you must get out of bed immediately.”


“Very well then. I will go and speak with your Father directly and tell him all.”

She marched across the landing and knocked upon Edward’s study. “Yes? Come in. Ah, Miss Douglas is all aright?”

“No sir it is not.”

“Well, tell me. What is the matter?”

“It is your son. Master Rupert will not move from his bed. My lesson begins in under half an hour, this is not good enough.”

“Oh dear. I see your trouble. Well, I shall go and speak to him myself. Please return to the school room Miss Douglas.”

“As you please Sir.”

Edward sighed, climbing the staircase and knocked on the twin’s bedroom door. He opened it, noticing the bundle of covers upon Rupert’s bed.

Are you ill Rupert?”

“N-no Father.”

“Well, kindly remove the covers from your face, you look like a strange eskimo.”

“Yes Father.”

“What is going on here?” He asked calmly, seating himself next to Rupert.

“I do not like Miss Douglas one little bit.”

“Why is that?”

“I don’t know.”

“Well Rupert, unless you have a good reason, I’m afraid that I cannot help you. Please try to explain.”

“She- she is weird!”

“Weird? I don’t think so. New experiences take some getting used to, but your Mother and I need you to try. We want the best for you in this life. I know that you will not see it like that, or understand properly now, because you are only small. When you are an accomplished, educated Gentleman you will thank us one day. Now please, do give her a chance. Get dressed, go downstairs and I won’t say any more about it.”

“Yes Father. I’m sorry that I made you cross. I will try harder to like her and be good.”

“I’m not cross, just a little disheartened I have to say. There’s a good lad, get ready now.”

“Oh Father? How is Mother?”

“She is fine my dear, don’t you worry. She is still sleeping at present, but I promise you that you shall both see her later.”

To be continued…


7 thoughts on “Pixies and Pickles- Part 27

  1. Sophie, I always enjoy my reading breaks when I find you 🙂 Do you write a fresh post every morning, or is your story pre-written and ready to post?

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