“Ooh! Cindy Lou, I very much like this side of you!”

“Cindy what! I beg your pardon?”

“I invented a new name for you.”

“Pray, don’t call me that again. It is perfectly horrid and only suitable for a silly, porcelain doll. You don’t think me to be such a thing do you?”

“Oh no! Of course not! I am sorry dearest, I shall not use it again, don’t be cross.”

“Cross? Not I! You are such an amiable character Edward.”

“I at least try to be.”

Now I know where Rupert and Diana get all of their queer little sayings from. I do believe that it was you all along!”

“Quite the chatterbox tonight aren’t we Lucinda? Come here please.”

“As you wish.”

“Turn around.”

“What precisely are you doing?”

“Must you ask questions Lucinda?”

“Oh, sorry.”

“If you must know, I was going to help you out of this dress, there is no way that you could manage alone.”

“That is true I suppose, then I have no choice but to let you do it have I? After that, I may also have to assist you with the removal of your attire .”

“You are naughty!”

“And how you love this side of me.”

“I rarely meet her. Unleash her more often please.” Edward, having finished untying Lucinda’s dress, let it slip to the floor.

“One moment, I shall have to hang it up.”

“Do it with haste then!”

“Very well! There!

“I love this waistcoat, it is very flattering. You have a fine figure too you know Edward.”

“Have I?”

“Yes, you are very trim.”

“Thank you.”

“I shall undo the buttons, there.”

She placed her arm’s around his neck and kissed him passionately, a slow lingering kiss. Lucinda hesitated, kissing along Edward’s jawline, carefully reaching his neck. She unbuttoned his shirt, revealing the fine dusting of hair upon his chest and wrapped her arms around his bare neck. Edward grasped her waist.

“Better loosen your corset, I can’t have you passing out on me now can I?”

“No you cannot.”

“There then.”

“What a difference! Be thankful that you are not a woman. Bed!” He obeyed, Lucinda lay on top of Edward and kissed his shoulder.

“Oh I am apart from one thing, well two actually.”

“Hmm, I can read your mind already, although they have shrunk a little.”

“You have a handful!”

“Shhhh. Ohh that really tickles. Ha! Don’t or I shall have to tickle you back.”

“Don’t you dare Lucinda!”

Lucinda grasped his waist, tickling his ribs.

“Stop! Ha-ha! Don’t we’ll wake the whole house!”

“Only if you make a fuss!” Edward squirmed, while Lucinda pinned him to the bed.

“You are mean! Argh! Stop.” Lucinda placed a hand over Edwards mouth.

“Shhhh, oh you are being a dull old thing tonight.”

“I do not wish the whole household to hear us, especially when it is Miss Douglas’s first night here.”

“Her room is nowhere near ours.”

“I suppose you’re right”

“Oh Edward, you dampened the passion.”

“Tickling is not pleasurable, it is torturous. Please don’t do it again.”

Edward turned onto his front, shielding his face with his arms. Lucinda shook him gently.

“Oh dear, have I upset you? I apologise.” He did not respond, she shook him a little harder.

“Edward?” She repeated. With great care, she peeped underneath his arm, staring at his closed eyes.

“Oh lord! Edward, Edward? Please talk to me, what’s the matter.” Then she gasped and paused, perhaps he had fainted. She moved his arm away from his face and lifted his head.


Lucinda screamed. “Edward! How you scared me so!”

“You have deafened me! Good heavens, we have probably woken the whole house hold ! Quick put something on.” Lucinda pulled on her nightdress and shawl, while Edward remained in the bed. There came a knock upon the bedroom door.

Lucinda peered around the door, squinting as Johnson held  a candle in front of him.

“Ma’am, I heard you scream. Whatever happened are you both quite alright?”

“Y-Yes. Um, what it was you see erm, I thought I saw a little mouse running across the room and into it’s little hidey hole.”

“We have mice! Good heavens, is the Master still asleep?”

“Oh yes. It takes a great deal to wake him.”

“Shall I set a trap for that pesky mouse ma’am?”

“No, no that wont be necessary.”

“Then, could I suggest a cat?”

“A cat? Yes what a splendid idea. Sorry for wakening you Johnson at an unreasonable hour. Your delivery of service is second to none.”

“As long as all is well ma’am.”

“It is Johnson.”

“Well goodnight ma’am, I shall see what I can do about that cat tomorrow.”

“Thank you Johnson and goodnight.”

To be continued…


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