Miss Douglas sat upright in her new bedroom, propped up by both of her pillows, the coverlet tucked around her waist. Attentively, she listened for a noise in the next room, but nothing came. Satisfied that the twins were slumbering, she pulled the coverlet up to her chin and settled down to sleep.


“Pssst! Diana!”


“You woke me!”


“Shh, she’ll hear us. Miss Douglas is only along the way and Mother and Father are bound to be back soon.”


“Oh well. Diana, what do you think of Miss Douglas?”


“I like her I think.”


“Yes, only because she called you pretty.”


“No, the lesson today was fun.”


“Fun! Bah! For girls maybe.”


“Well, when you are sent away to boarding school, you shall get rid of me wont you!”


“I suppose I will.”


“That will make you very happy, wont it?”

“No it wont.”


“I thought  you didn’t like girls!”


“What? That’s an awfully daft thing to say. I like you and Mother don’t I? Not forgetting dear Rettie and Esther, I miss Esther.”


“Well, she shall be back soon. You like me?”


“Of course I do Di!”




“Short for Diana!”


“Oh, I thought you were telling me to die. Now that would be horrid!”


“Would I ever?”


“You sound like Father! Stop trying to sound like a grown up! Go to sleep now. We have lessons tomorrow and we must try to be good.”


“We didn’t even see Mother and Father properly today.”


“They are not back yet. They will probably kiss us goodnight when they get back.”

“Urgh! I hate kisses, I shall hide under my coverlet. Kisses indeed!”




“Edward, shh now my dear, everyone will be fast asleep.”


“I know, come along then. I do hope that the twins have not been too much trouble for Miss Douglas.”


“We shall have to wait until tomorrow to find out. The whole house hold is sleeping. Do not check upon them tonight Lucinda, you are too tired.”


“Edward, I must peep in on my own children.”


“Very well my love, but do hurry.”


“As you wish.”


Lucinda pushed the door open a crack, gazing at the sleeping twins. She gasped and closed it again.


Is everything alright?”


“I do not believe it! They look so…. settled. Normally, they are awake at this time, or at least very restless.”


“See, maybe hiring Miss Douglas was a good idea after all.”


“We shall have to see.”


“Ah, you’re still not so sure are you? Well, give her time. I propose that we must use this opportunity to enjoy ourselves a little and spend some quality time together. But now I am tired and you are exhausted, so I think that we should retire to bed, seeing as though you fell asleep on the journey. Shall I carry you into the bedroom?”


“Heavens no! What if you dropped me?”


“She of little faith!”


“Oh dear I wasn’t suggesting that, I would be worried about your back, that is all.”


“My back! I am not an old man! Not yet anyway! Come along my love. I wont carry you this time.”


“Only one person complimented my dress.”


“You were counting?”


“I was.”


“Ah. Well, they are clearly all going blind and too focused on their own little lives then aren’t they?  Tell me dear, how did you feel wearing it?”

“I have to admit that I felt very grand, even though it might sound a little big-headed.”

“Not at all. We need to find some better company.


“Perhaps. Oh I don’t know, I never fit in any way, I feel that I need to make new friends, but I don’t know how.”




“Come along then Edward, bed.”


“Bed? Are you ordering me to bed like a small child? Oh you are funny!”


“No, I was attempting to sound a little domineering!”


“Ha! What a thing to say!”


“It has been a while.”


“A while? What precisely do you mean my dear ?”


“Since we… you know…”


“Ah! Oh that, yes it has I suppose. Still, no time like the present.”


“What? Lucinda!” Edward laughed.


You heard what I said Mr Ashdown and don’t make me go back on my word, our boudoir awaits.”


To be continued…



12 thoughts on “Pixies and Pickles- Part 25

  1. Sophie,
    Although I’ve missed much of the story, you drew me right in and I’m interested in what’s happening here. I’ll try to pop in more often, so I can follow the story of these very interesting characters you’ve come up with!

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