(The following evening)

“Oh Edward, are you sure that this dress is not too much?”

“My dear, you could not look more ravishing if you tried!”

I feel awful you know. I have barely seen Rupert and Diana today, Miss Douglas keeps them so busy doesn’t she?”

“Yes I suppose she does.”

“Shall we say goodnight to the children before we leave? They must be in the nursery, it is 7pm.”


“Oh Miss Douglas.” Miss Douglas curtsied.

“Good evening Ma’am and Sir. I was just seeing that the children were settled.”

“How are the three of you getting along?”

“Swimmingly Sir.”

Rupert rolled his eyes, turning to face the wall.

“Oh yes!” Diana smiled. “We had a very interesting time. Yesterday afternoon we captured insects in bottles, studied them and then drew them. It was wonderful Mother and today we looked at a map of the world. “

“And tell me, what have you learnt? What is the capital of India?”

“New Delhi.”

“How clever you are! That is correct. Rupert?”

“Yes Mother?”

“Is all alright?”

“Yes, I am tired. Goodnight.”

“Well my dears, we shall kiss you both before we go. Goodnight.”

Diana held her close. “Mummy, you look like a princess.” She whispered.

“I love you, sleep well.” Lucinda reciprocated the hug and took hold of Edwards hand.

Look at me getting all silly and emotional. Thank you Miss Douglas, I can see that this is going to be a very positive experience for the children. It will do them the world of good. Come along Edward my dear, our carriage awaits.”


“Pssst! Rupert?”


“What do you suppose Miss Douglas is doing, now we are in bed?”

“I don’t know.”

“Well, shouldn’t she be looking after us?”

“No, we are not babies any more.”

“I know.”

“She’s queer Diana.”

“So are you, and mouldy!”

“Oh don’t start this again, you’ll make me very mad Diana!”


Oh Edward, are you sure that this was a good idea. This is new and probably not used to our children.”

“Please don’t worry, we have plenty of other servants should anything go wrong.”

“Wrong? Oh good Lord anything could happen!”

“I doubt that, come along my dear, we are here now.”

“I can’t help but feeling very nervous. The thought of being in a room filled with fine people makes me feel somewhat scared.”

“You very accomplished yourself.”

“No, I can’t play the piano half as well as Annabella does, athough I do love my dress so. At least I shall look alright in some respect. We are here now.”

The young couple was shown into one of the fine rooms by a butler. “This house makes ours look like a matchbox.”

Edward’s face fell. “You are not happy with our home?”

“Oh, forgive me. This is just larger that’s all. I have heard Edward, that homes of this size can be considerably cold and draughty  even in the middle of Summer. Oh look! There is Annabella , oh doesn’t she look splendid, her hair must have taken hours!”

“Oh Lucinda and Edward, there you are I was frightened that you would not come!”

“Why is that?”

“Because of your children.”

“Oh, well my dear Annabella, we now have a Governess. Her name is Miss Douglas.”

“Oh indeed! How do you find her?”

“Very amiable.” Edward smiled.

“Yes quite.” Lucinda agreed, fanning herself. “She seems to be a very accomplished, intelligent young woman who uses a range of teaching methods.”

“Oh really, how so?”

“Well, for example, today, she took Rupert and Diana into the garden to collect some nature specimens, which they studied once they were back in the classroom.”

“I see Edward and what precisely was her reason behind that?”

“I imagine that she wanted to enlighten them a little.”

“By encouraging them to dirty themselves in the garden?”

“They were perfectly clean on their return.”

“Indeed. You ought to be careful you know.”

“Careful?” Lucinda raised an eyebrow.

“Is there an echo in the room tonight Lucinda?”

“I-I am sorry.”

Yes, you need to be cautious. I have heard that Governesses can be down-right idle or worse; wicked, spiteful creatures.”

“Oh I do not wish to hear this Annabella!”

Edward coughed. “Please, I don’t think this is a necessary subject matter. We must give Miss Douglas a chance. Kindly focus on your own affairs and leave my wife and I to attend ours. Lucinda my love, I am going to find the other gentlemen.”

Hmph! Well Lucinda even though Edward has abandoned you, you must hear it I’m afraid. There’s no point in pulling the wool over your eyes . It happened a few years ago actually. The Governess looked after two boys in Yorkshire who were about the same age as your little ones. It was said afterwards that she resented the Father, possibly because he would not succumb to her desires.”

“Her- her desires?”

“Yes, she had eyes for him the whole time. Any how, do not interrupt me!  At the dead of night, she ensured that all the windows and doors were locked and she set fire to the library. It spread of course and he whole household perished in a matter of 10 minutes. The building burned to the ground!”

To be continued…


22 thoughts on “Pixies and Pickles- Part 22

  1. I’m way behind on this story so I’m going to have to spend some time catching up 🙂 Thanks for checking out my blog 🙂 Hopefully you’ll like it enough to follow ❤

  2. Never a dull moment when Annabella’s about is there. She is what I would call a pot-stirrer (making trouble where there isn’t any to be found), but I will just have to wait and see I suppose.

  3. AnnaBella is quite a strange one with her stories and topics of conversation.

    “You very accomplished yourself.” You’re very…

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