Cannot tell the time? Goodness, something will have to be done!”

“I hate this! I have done 5 questions and already I have had enough! My head feels like it has a whirlwind inside! I want to run around outside and climb the trees!”

“Shh Rupert.”

“Excuse me master Rupert, but I have been employed to educate you, kindly do what you have been asked. I will help you if you have not completed the questions after the time is up. Are we agreed?”

“Yes Miss.” He grumbled.

“Good, I am glad. Now please, do as you are told young Sir. I do not wish to have to tell you again.”


“I don’t like her Diana, I don’t like her at all and I’m going to tell Father and Mother so!”

“Shh, Miss Douglas will hear us!”

“No she wont, she is a few yards ahead and we are whispering.”

“Miss Diana and Master Rupert?” They froze to the spot, staring blankly at her.

As it is a beautiful day, I have decided to resume our lessons in the garden, that is why we are outside. Do you know what resume means?”

They shook their heads. “Well, it means to start from where we had left off.”

“Oh why did Mother and Father make us take lessons together! I do not like it one bit!”

“Well Master Rupert, they think you to be too young to be sent away from your home to a boarding school.  Perhaps they shall send you in another year or so, .”


“Now then, do you both like nature, does it interest you at all?”

“I hate it! Silly flowers and horrid stinging bumblebees are perfectly dreadful, the thought nature makes me itch!”

“Oh Rupert, do you have to say that? Yes Miss Douglas, I like it very much.”

“She is telling fibs and trying to be teacher’s pet, she does not like it one little bit!”

“No matter, shall we venture into the small side garden? I would like you to identify as many species of insects as wild flowers as you can.”

“But Miss Douglas, we hardly know any of their names.”

That is why you shall collect them in these jars and we shall look them up in my book before letting them go. On returning to the schoolroom, I would like you to draw one object or an insect. You will have something to show your Mother and Father then. Won’t they be pleased?”

“Yes Miss Douglas.”

“Off we go, put on your outdoor coats and I shall place on my shawl, don’t forget your jars now.”

“No Miss.” Diana smiled, secretly taking a shine to her.

As the early afternoon passed, Miss Douglas observed the twins closely, as they searched for their small insects, peering in the small bushes and amongst the beautiful flowers. She gazed up at the grand house, catching a glimpse of Lucinda, gazing down upon them from her bedroom window. Lucinda shied away, turning her back on the small party, who were wandering in the grounds, clutching their precious jam jars of finds.


“What is it dear?”

“Nothing Edward, I have to admit that the children look very contented with Miss Douglas. They seem to be on a nature trail of some sorts. She seems to be a very imaginative young woman doesn’t she? Far more so than I.”

“She is a Governess and you are just splendid the way you are. Don’t compare yourself to others in this life,  it is very degrading. I worry that it will damage your confidence.”

I am sorry my dear.”

“Don’t be, but always be your own, sweet self. You should be taking advantage of this time and seeing friends.”

“I know.”

“Having said that, I had almost forgotten, we are dining with George and Annabella tomorrow night are we not?”


“Well then, it shall be an opportunity to wear that beautiful, new gown of yours.”

“Oh yes, I look forward to wearing it for the occasion.”

“Now my love, I propose that we are to have afternoon tea together, I am rather hungry. Would you ring the bell?”

To be continued…


8 thoughts on “Pixies and Pickles- Part 21

  1. i love the scene out in nature, and i know all things natural were huge during the victorian era, darwin,..etc. i think the twins and their governess may end up really forming a nice bond. as for that gown, oh i wish it was me –

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