“Oh, Lucinda, this arrived for you in the post earlier. I shouldn’t have opened it, but as I found, it is actually for the both of us.”

“What is it?”

“Have a read my love.”

“Very well, I shall. It is an invitation to a dance, goodness it is from Annabella. Oh, I thought we were to dine with her and George my dear Edward? Still, we can hardly turn it down, it would be rude to do such a thing.”

“I’ll leave the decision in your hands Lucinda.”

“No, no you are the man of the house and I do not wish to make such a decision. Would you care to go?”

“Well, would it please you to know that this afternoon, I went to the liberty of… wait, one moment. Sit down in that chair, close your eyes and I shall bring it to you. This may help you to make your decision.”

“Oh goodness! Edward, you shouldn’t have!”

“You don’t know what it is yet and besides, I am allowed to buy you gifts aren’t I? You never ask for new things, I thought it was time.”

“Oh Edward!”

“Don’t open your eyes until I say.”

Lucinda sensed a packaged box of a good weight being placed into her outstretched arms.

“Open my love!”

“Oh my!”

“You haven’t seen it’s contents yet!”

“Oh Edward, I do not deserve such gifts.”

“Hush now, see it as an early anniversary present, how about that? You must open it properly.”

With great care, Lucinda removed the lid from the box to unveil masses of tissue paper.

“Oh my! Is it what I think it is?”

“Most probably!”

Lucinda peeled back the layers of tissue paper like a lotus flower, slipping the gown from it’s beautiful box. She held it against her, swaying gently from side to side so that the material swished.

“Oh it is so, so beautiful! Oh I do love it so, thank you Edward!”

“There now, you shall be the belle of the ball. Mind you, you could be dressed in rags and still be the finest woman there.”

“Oh Edward, hush! I am blushing. Oh we have to go tonight, I shall look forward to it, very much so in fact. What a splendid gift! Oh but Edward, who shall look after our little ones?”

“Aha, I thought you would ask, that is where Miss Douglas the new Governess comes in!”

Lucinda’s face fell. “Oh.”

“Do not be so alarmed. See it as a trial, I had a letter sent to her yesterday and she has agreed to it. We can leave our children at home, knowing that they are in good hands. She can stay tonight in the spare room next to the children’s. How about that?”

“Edward, everything is happening so suddenly, I don’t know what to say any more.”

“Say yes.”

“Alright, just a trial, for this evening. I suppose she will only be looking after our children for four hours at the most. Until then, I shall have to hang this gown in my room. Oh Edward you have made your little wife exceptionally happy!”


“Edward, I shall say goodnight to the twins before Miss Douglas arrives.”

“Of course.”

Lucinda knocked, before entering their room.

“Ah Mummy!”

“Hello my dears.”

“Mummy, Daddy has told us, we are to have a Governess.”

“Yes, she is called Miss Douglas and 17 years of age, you are to treat her nicely and do as she says.”

“Yes Mummy.”

“Please promise that you will be good, we shall be back in a few hours.”

“We will try, wont we Rupert?”

“Yes Mother, but this is all very strange, we are not used to Governesses, we have never had one.”

“I know, but sometimes a bit of change is good I think. Ah, that is the door now, stay in your beds my dears and I shall go and greet her with your Father.”

“Yes Mummy. Oh Mummy, I want to hug you, but I am afraid that I might get your dress all dirty.”

“Ah Diana, you are all clean, come here my dear. Rupert, don’t shy away in the corner, God gave me two arms so that I might hug the both of you at the same time.

To be continued…


22 thoughts on “Pixies and Pickles- Part 17

      1. it seems to be a real strength you have as a writer, you are very good with descriptive writing, makes it exciting for the reader and easy to imagine –

  1. Enjoying the story so far, i’m intrigued about how things go with the governess on the first time looking after the children and how things will go at the dance between Lucinda and Annabella, she sounds like one of them women who criticise the way others bring up their children as though they are perfect themselves when they are not.

    1. Hi Maria! Thank you for commenting on here 🙂
      You can say that again 😛 Annabella has very high expectations, but could she be hiding something? Only time will tell!

    1. Ah! Thank you Francene, I’m really glad that you liked that part. To be honest, I wish that I had been born in that era! I want to wear beautiful ball gowns 😦

  2. If you won the lottery you could have one made and wear it round the house just for fun, some gowns were amazing in that era.

    1. Ha! Or if I get a book published. That’s an awesome idea 😛 Actually, there is a Victorian fair once a year in the next town to me (in about Nov/Dec). Maybe I should hire & wear a costume just because I can 😛 I’d fit in!!

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