“Lucinda, I have something very important to tell you!” Edward, bent over Lucinda, stroking her shoulder, she rolled to face him, taking his hand in hers.

“Good heavens? What is the time, have I slept in terribly?”

“It is 9.30am!”

“Oh gosh! Still, it is not as late as I feared. What is it my dear, what’s your news? You sound rather excited, tell me all.”

“I have received a reply to my advertisement for a governess, there is already one potential applicant.”

“Oh heavens! Already?”


“Well, do tell me more.”

“Her name is Bessie and she is ten and seven years of age. She is educated, so I do suppose that she is of a good class. Here read it for yourself.” Lucinda raised herself on one elbow as Edward passed the letter to her.

“Thank you. Only 17?”


“Gosh, she is only 10 years older than the twins. Well, I’d rather have someone young teaching my children rather than a miserable old woman with old fashioned teaching methods, that they might resent. I hope she can handle them. Is she the only reciprocate?”

“For now. Shall I leave it for another few days until someone else replies?”

“No, I think she will be suitable. I will write to her myself, I would very much like to meet her, are there agencies for Governesses?”

“I don’t think so, only for nannies.”

“Oh I see. Pass her response to me please and I shall reply. Hmm, Dear Miss Douglas. Thank you for your response to our advertisement. We should very much like to meet you, as would our children Rupert and Diana. Yours sincerely, Mrs Ashdown. Will that do Edward?”

“Yes, I like it, it will be very suitable and I shall send it now.”

“Thank you Edward.”

“Then you never know, I might have to arrange a little holiday for us.”

“Oh I would like that, but first I will post this letter.”

“As you please, I shall come with you?”

“Alright my dear, come along then and then we will have to break the news to the twins, how do you suppose they will react?”

“I do not know, but I dare say that we will find out. It’s a fine day for a little walk don’t you think?”

“Absolutely. Having a Governess will also give us an excuse to have a dinner party or at least attend some.”

“I suppose so, but she isn’t responsible for child care is she?”

“Of course.”

“Oh what a silly thing for me to say! I was fully aware of that already! I am still worried that I will not be able to see the children very often.”

“We will make sure that you shall.”

“Thank you Edward.”

“We shall go now, come along my love and that way we can read her details properly.”


“Here my dear, have a seat and read this.”

“Can I read our original advertisement once more before I read the reply.”

“Of course, here is ours.”

“Wanted, a Governess, on Handsome Terms. Governess — a comfortable home and salary, is offered to any lady wishing for a situation as governess in a  family residing in the country, to instruct a boy and a girl in music, drawing, and English; a thorough knowledge of the French language is required. She is to live here?”


“I’m not sure.”

“We have no choice, she is originally from the North East of England, but now lives in London.”

“Ah. Oh dear, I guess I have to say yes and that will be that.”

“Well no, but it just seems like an ideal opportunity. We wanted a Governess and now we almost have one, she is willing to start as soon as possible.”

“Are there no local Governesses?”

“No local ones replied.”


“Give the girl a chance, you never know, this whole new experience may surprise you, you never know.”

“If it doesn’t…”

“We’ve already discussed this.”

“Very well, I shall agree to the trial, but that’s all I have to say for now!”

“This isn’t going to make you ill again is it?”

“No dear, I am quite over my illness, do not worry any more.”

To be continued….


14 thoughts on “Pixies and Pickles- Part 16

  1. I’m unfamiliar with the genre as I’ve not read it thoroughly. I actually prefer more action/adventure type pieces, but this gives me an opportunity to see a different side of fiction.

    For me I would have expected the Governess to be in place by now. But, I think you may know more about the pacing of this kind of story. 🙂

    Keep on keeping on, Sophie. Be damned if it appears to be like someone else’s work for now. Finish it up and then put in the research during the rewriting process.


      1. secret past, love child of someone connected, interaction with father, how she found them, why she is really there, kids attaching to her, mother jealous, family acquaintance becoming enamored of her? – all sorts of delicious possibilities

      2. I did think of making her somehow connected to the family, I’m going to have to have a good think and see how it goes! Thank you Beth 🙂

      3. just some brainstorming, but it helps me when writing, opens up all the possibilities ) it seems that writing of this era, almost always seems to have some sort of dark, hidden secret involved –

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