“Yes, that is a good idea, that way we can continue to watch the twins, my how tall they have grown and they are fine-looking children aren’t they?”

“That they are. They are both very handsome indeed, but that is to be expected.”

“What do you mean Edward? You have that naughty glint in your eye!”

“Well, they have attractive parents.”

“Oh yes! You are a handsome man.”

“You are too modest Lucinda, you are a beautiful woman and with the right guidance, our children will grow up to be a credit to us both. Are you cold?”

“No, no.”

“I tell you that you are, you are shivering. Here take my jacket.”

“Edward you need it, if I take that then you will only have a shirt and waistcoat, it will not do. Here, I shall double my shawl, that way it will be warmer.”

“Shall I do it for you?”

“I did not like to ask.”

“Why? There you go, now it is twice it’s usual thickness.”

“Thank you.”

“Are you hungry?”

“A little, as it was only a small  picnic and I haven’t been eating as much.”

“Then, we shall dine together this evening?”

“Oh yes! I would love that.”

“Then it is settled. Come, let’s retire to the drawing room and I shall tell Rettie to tell cook that we would like to dine together. It is now 4.30pm, would 7pm suit?”

“Oh yes, most certainly.”

“Good. Children?”

“Yes Father?”

“We shall all go inside now, your Mother and I are dining together later and you are to have dinner in the nursery.”

“Yes Father.”


Lucinda and Edward were seated in the smallest out of the two dining rooms. Edward placed Lucinda’s chair underneath her with great attentativeness.

“I feel that I am ready for this.”

“Ah you have an appetite now?”

“Yes absolutely!”

“Wine sir?” Edward glanced at their butler.

“Please Johnson, Lucinda?”

“Oh, no thank you. I am fine with water.”

“Edward, I don’t think I could eat a great deal, even if I am hungry.”

“Never fear, all the courses will be light. I requested it.”

“Oh, thank you dearest. I suppose that it will be good training for me.”


“Yes. For our next dinner party with Annabella and George.”

“Ah, I see.”

“Here we have vegetable broth to begin ma’am.”

“Thank you Johnson. Well this is lovely, just the two of us. It has been such a splendid day.”

“I’m glad that you think so. So long as you are happy, then I can feel content.”


“Edward, thank you for the wonderful meal. I actually didn’t realise how hungry I was.”

“Neither did I.”

“Can we retire to the parlour together for just a little while.”

“Only if you are not too tired.”

“Not at all.”

“Well, come along then my dear.”

“Lovely, I feel the need for a little music, might we listen to the gramophone?”

“Of course! Here sit down. There, oh I love this piece of music.”

“Who is it by?”


“Oh gosh, I should have known that, I have heard it before. Why of course it is act 2 of Swan Lake, how I adore this, how could I forget?”

“I wouldn’t worry.”

“Ah, might I rest my head on your shoulder, no on second thoughts Edward, dance with me, please it has been so long. It would make me very happy, just slowly.”

Edward nodded. “A very slow dance.”

Lucinda rested her head against Edward’s shoulder while he placed his hand around her waist and placed her hand in his.

“This is wonderful.” She whispered, closing her eyes and losing herself in the beautiful music.


“Mummy and Daddy, I couldn’t sleep.” Lucinda jumped, letting go of Edwards hands.

“My goodness Diana, it is very late. Did you have a bad dream?”

“Yes. I dreamt that Rupert and I were captured by a wicked witch who took charge of our house and took you both as prisoners!”

“Oh my, you have a very vivid imagination. Edward I shall take her back to bed.”

“No, no my dear we will both go. Come on Diana, do not be afraid any longer.”

To be continued….


22 thoughts on “Pixies and Pickles- Part 15

      1. You’re getting some negative feedback? I suppose that’s always a risk of putting yourself out there like this. I’ve always liked the way that your stories feel like a halfay house between novel, short story and screenplay – genuine characters and excellent momentum.

      2. I do get some, constructive but quite negative. But I suppose at the end of the day it’s people’s opinions and I am very grateful for any sort of feedback.
        Ahh, I suppose that they are. 🙂 I find by writing in speech, it helps to bring my characters to life. Thank you!

      3. Yeah, it’s tough to share work in such an open forum. I always feel as if I’d prefer to get more constructive but negative feedback… but when it comes, it’s usually tough to take!

  1. I admit it Sophie – I haven’t been reading every installment. I think you will always have an audience who loves how you write. Not everyone is going to like it. That’s OK. But you are right, people don’t have to be rude. Just remember, the rude people are telling their story – not yours. Get past the dream-stealers and your writing will find its way.

    To your success!

    Peggy (from UBC)

    Peggy Nolan

    1. Hello Peggy! What a lovely comment 🙂 I’m not sure, but I hope so!
      Yes you’re very right there, more often than not rude people have something else troubling them!

  2. One day I’ll have to put myself out there if I want to be “more than a blogger” and I hope people are constructive and not critical for the sake of being hurtful. And, spelling was never my best subject. So, I was wondering, was a “grammar phone” what we used to call a “gramophone” here in the States?

  3. Wicked witch?
    Reading backwards is interesting and makes me wander… 😉

    Anyway, I read on the comments you were getting some bad feedback. I do like it quite a lot!
    I think is getting more interesting now, meaning part 18 and 19.
    (and part 14 I found a little bit slow but still intriguing)

    I am looking forward for more!
    Keep Inspired!

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