“You know yourself better than anyone Lucinda.”

“Yes, I suppose so.”

“What is wrong my dear?”

“What are we to do with Rupert and Diana?”

“Ah, the twins. Well, you’ll be pleased to know that I have put an advert in the paper for a Governess. After having thought about it, I feel that they are too old to have a Nanny, they are for babies and very small children only.”

“You have? But my dear, you did not consult me on the matter and we have not even discussed this! I do not think that they are too old at all, the children belong in the nursery!”

“Oh dear. I see that this alarms you and that you are very displeased Lucinda.”

“I am.” Lucinda folded her arms and pursed her lips.

You know that I always strive to make you happy.”

“In this case it does not seem so! Oh Edward how could you!”

“Now, now dear do calm down. I can take the advert down almost right away, shall I go now?”

“It- it’s in the local newspaper isn’t it?”


“Then, you cannot! Not to mention that the whole town will know our business.”

“I doubt that many people have read it.”

“How can you be so sure!”

“Lucinda, we will trial the governess, they can take their lessons with her for a few hours and spend the evenings doing as they please. We may only need her for a few months anyway, until your health has stabilised. If the twins do not like her and have a good reason for it, then the governess shall be dismissed. How is that for an idea? Am I being reasonable? That way, we might take a little holiday for a few weeks at the sea side, just you and I. You told me yourself that you might like to go to Brighton again in the near future.”

“I don’t know, I really don’t. I am flabbergasted.”

“Governesses are practical my love, the most respected families have them.”

“Respected.” Lucinda parroted in a daze.

Yes, On another subject, Rupert was asking after you.”

“Edward! Don’t try to talk about the children to try and mend the damage you have done! You know that I have not been myself. This may be the end of me! The end! You will be burying me by Christmas!”

“Oh good heavens! Do not speak in such a way! I’m not going to lie to you, I’m deeply concerned about your health. You are tired, pale and stressed. Please think about it, say you will. I think that you are over reacting. I know that you have always been a little sensitive and more so because you are ill but-”

“I am upset and feeling quite disagreeable.  You think that I am a bad Mother and now, you are forcing our children into the hands of another while giving up on them yourself!”

“That’s not true!”

“It is! I’m also fully aware of what else can happen!”


“Yes! Between Masters of grand houses and pretty young governesses!”

“Oh Lucinda please! What are you suggesting?”

“One day you will grow tired of your pretty, silly little wife, striving for better things. I dare say that the governess or even a nanny will be young and beautiful and I won’t stand a chance!”

“I think Lucinda, that you are coming out with some outrageous suggestions and the chest cold has travelled to your head! I am very hurt. I’m faithful to you and only you Lucinda. I am the head of this family and if I say that we are to have a Governess, then-then that is final!”

To be continued…


12 thoughts on “Pixies and Pickles-Part 12

  1. I have to admit, I’m jumping in somewhere in the middle here.

    I’m getting the impression that this is a period piece, somewhere in the Victorian Era. Edward seems to be full of himself, but it could be the perspective that you’ve written.


    1. Hello, you are a little bit, but don’t worry! 😉
      It is ; late Victorian/ early Edwardian. I wouldn’t say that Edward is full of himself, in that era men had the last say in most things and were seen as the superior sex anyway 🙂

  2. edward seems to be trying to exert his accepted role (at the time) of the commander of the house, but i think lucinda may come into her own and surprise him with her strength.

  3. I am also enjoying the bit of drama here, but I noticed your sentence “One day will grow tired of your pretty, silly little wife, striving for better things. I dare say that the governess or even a nanny will be young and beautiful and I won’t stand a chance!” is missing a you after day. Sorry :/

    Perhaps the truth has come out at last as to why she is so against a little help with the children.

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