Oscar obeyed,glancing over his shoulder. “I will. Don’t you dare talk to the staff like that!”

Oscar limped down the corridor a small way, catching sight of Hanna exiting one of the side rooms.


“Hello Oscar, don’t worry I’ll be back with Ava in one moment. ”

“She’s a bit agitated. Would it be possible for her to have some more pain relief?”

Hanna nodded. “Yes. I’ll go and see her now.”

“These contractions are so, so awful! I need gas and air or something.” Ava screamed. Oscar took her hand once more.

“Ava, I think it’s too early yet.”

Hanna smiled. “Now Ava, you’re in safe hands. That’s a strong foetal heart beat!”

“I can hear it for myself thank you!”

“Ava, there’s no need to be rude. Sorry Hanna.”  Hanna said nothing.

“Jeez that was so strong again! Arrgh! Bloody hell and again! If someone told me that child birth was going to be this awful, then I would have thought twice about getting pregnant! This is your fault Oscar! All the stress that you have inflicted upon me caused me to go into labour!”

“Ava, it’s about two and a half weeks before your estimated due date! It’s time for the baby to come.”

“You should have been looking after me! Instead I had to look after you.”

Oscar swallowed. “I know Ava, I really am sorry.”

“I don’t think you are, I don’t think you’re sorry at all! Argh they’re getting worse all the time! Oscar you still look terrible, you shouldn’t be here, you’ve been awake for hours now! You  have no energy left!”

“Neither will you if you keep talking. Come on Ava.”

“How long has this been going on for, how long is it since my first contraction? Surely I’m more dilated by now.”

 “Ava, come on, let’s put this in perspective. Thousands, maybe millions of women give birth every single day. Just be thankful that you’re not in a third world country, having to give birth with probably no midwife and certainly no pain relief. Use the gas and air if you need to, but you’re going to be fine, I promise.”

You’re not the one about to be torn in two Oscar! The contractions are so close together! I meant it when I said I wanted an epidural! Tell them that I need an epidural!”

“I think the midwives heard you the first few times Ava! Just go with the flow.”

“I can’t, I just can’t do this, it’s the worst pain imaginable!”

“I know.”

“How would you ever know Oscar?”

“Well, I’ve experienced pain too!”

“Not like this, nothing like this!”

“Ava, in about 1o hours time your pain will all be over and you’ll have a beautiful baby in your arms. It will be so, so worth it I can promise you now. I’m so excited about being a Daddy!” Oscar grinned.

“ I hate you for getting me pregnant so that I have to go through this! This is absolute physical and mental torture!”

“Ava, just calm down and conserve your energy. You’re wasting your breath, because I’m not even listening.”

“Well now who’s the liar! I know full well that you are! Want to know why? I can see the tears in your eyes! Argh! You’re so bad at hiding your emotions Oscar, men aren’t supposed to cry like you do and they’re supposed to be there for their partners and not split up with them a week before the baby is due!”

“I am here!” Oscar hissed. “Will you keep your voice down! I don’t want the whole unit to know our private business thank you very much. It takes two to tango Ava.”

“Yes, well I think everyone should know what a selfish bastard you’ve been!”

“Shhh, I can’t help being ill.”

“Yes well, you look like a walking corpse. Just leave me alone, I need to concentrate and you’re distracting me, so will you go outside the room? At this moment in time I don’t particularly want you here. I’m going through enough trauma as it is without you being here! Want to know what else? You’ve become quite ugly, you’re not even attractive to look at any more! So just fucking go!”

“H-have it your way.” Oscar wiped his eyes, grabbing his coat.

“Well where do you think you are you going?”

“To sit outside like you told me to!”

“Outside the room idiot! Not the outdoors!”

To be continued….


10 thoughts on “Planchette- Part 137

  1. I agree that Ava is terrible to Oscar, but I will say that if I was lectured about how lucky I am not to be in a third world country while I was in labor, I would want him to leave the room as well!

  2. Ava is a witch – but Oscar is there lecturing her about childbirth pain? Just about now, I’m hissing at them both. When I was deep into labor (assuming Ava is getting there) I don’t think I could have had a coherent conversation with anyone!!

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