Oscar nodded, pulling a chair up to the bed. Hanna returned rapidly, holding the wristband between her thumb and forefinger. “Here you are Ava. Can you just confirm your name and date of birth?”

Ava did so. “Great. I’ll just place this wrist band on you.”

“What good am I on a bed? Can I get down please? This really isn’t comfortable for me.”

“What ever’s best. It might help to stand.”

“Thank God I’m in a side room! This is so awful.” Ava gasped.

“Ava, you’re doing well.” Oscar coaxed, placing a hand on her back. Ava jumped, pulling away from him.

“Your hands are freezing!”

Ava placed her head upon the bed, standing over it, while Oscar, ignoring her comment, continued to rub her back.

“Breathe, keep breathing through it.You can do this!”

“I don’t know if I can!”

“Sure you can.”

“Oscar, the contractions closer together again!”

“Just think, in a matter of hours you’re going to be a Mum! I can’t wait to be a Dad!”

“Yes, but you’re not the one going through this terrible ordeal are you?”

“No, no I’m not but I can sympathise.”

“With what?”

“The pain side of things.”

“Hmph! I can bloody assure you that you aren’t in half the pain that I am now!”

“I’m always in discomfort. Just try to relax a bit!”

“Relax? How can I when I’m in desperate need of pain relief and no-one is giving me any!”

“Have you asked Ava?”


“Well then!”

“You could give me some of your painkillers Oscar! Where is everyone anyway?”

“Probably attending to other people at the moment. They look quite busy. No, I’m not giving you any of my painkillers, they’re far too strong!”

“Strong? That’s what I need! Argh! The contractions are so, so much worse than they were.”

Ava now positioned on the bed, brought her knees up to her chest and placed her head on them. Oscar took her hand. “You should walk again Ava, it might help. Come on.”

“No way! Can you just give me some space? It’s so hot in here! This is torture!”

“Ava, please you’re making a bit of a mountain out of a molehill.”

“Argh! You absolute hypocrite! You know it’s true! You’re the biggest hypochondriac I know.”

You’re not even listening to me and getting yourself in such a state. Ava, I’m serious, you’ll exhaust yourself before you’ve even begun!”

“Where are those bloody midwives?”

“Shh, Ava! They’re busy. They’ll be with you soon. If not, I’ll go and find someone shortly. Until then focus on breathing, everything will be fine.”

“How would you know? What do you know about anything?”

 “Ava! There will be other women giving birth at this moment in time. Are you sure that you don’t want to walk again?”

“No, I don’t thank you very much! I’m actually fed up already. How on earth did you cope being in hospital for 5 days? Argh!”

“I was in good company.”

“Oh right. Can you rub my back, it feels awful right now.”


“That’s better, keep going. Yes like that.”

“Ah, look here’s Hanna.”


“Hanna, you know, your midwife.”

“Hello Ava, how are you at the moment?”

“She’s doing really well.”

“I can answer thank you! The pain is awful right now.”

“I just want to check and see how dilated you are. Would you be okay to pop up on the bed? That’s it. Right you’re 7cm dilated. I’m going to take your blood pressure and temperature now. The foetal heart beat is strong and healthy.”

“What that’s only half a centimetre from last time! You’ve got to be kidding me.”

“Shh, have some patience Ava. Isn’t it wonderful that the baby’s heart beat is strong?”

Oscar gently stroked her cheek, she glanced up at his chalky face with frightened eyes. “You’re going to be fine.”

“You don’t look well Oscar.”

“I- I might step outside for a few minutes Ava. I’ll be back.”

“Okay.” She whispered. “Please don’t leave me for long.”

“Five minutes “ Oscar muttered.

Oscar grasped the wooden rail for support, limping along the corridor to the entrance. He felt the shape of the small packet of co-codamol in his pocket and took a cupful of water from the water dispenser, swallowing two tablets. Oscar inhaled, filling his lungs with cool, refreshing air .He finished the water and composed himself, returning to Ava’s side. He glanced at her clammy face, sitting by her, stroking her hair. He took her hand in his, this time she let him do so.

“Thank God!”

“How are the contractions?”

“They’ve calmed down again. I’m sure of it! Is there nothing I can take to stop the pain? I’m really worried, it feels like everyone has just bloody abandoned me! Where’s Hanna?”

“She wont be far away Ava. Just say there and I’ll get her.”

“That’s a fucking stupid thing to say! Like I can move anywhere anyway!”

“Can you stop swearing at me Ava!”

“Go and get Hanna! Now!”

To be continued…


12 thoughts on “Planchette- Part 136

  1. What Amy said! 😉 So I’ve been wondering, have you published this story in an ebook or are you just writing installments here on your blog? Also, I’ve been wondering since I first saw it – what is that white heart-shaped thing on the forefinger in the picture of the hand?

    1. Hello!
      The little heart shaped thing is a ‘Planchette’
      So far, I’ve just written the story on microsoft word and have posted it on here. (So I have two copies) I’d love to try and re-draft it before I try and do that. (I’m not so happy with some of the earlier parts) but in the long run, I’d LOVE to have it as an e-book!

  2. Oh Ava, you are losing Oscar by the second. I hope he can hang on to live out a happier life without her and with his new baby and perhaps one of the supportive people he met at the hospital? Imagine what a horrible mother ava would be, and already is, actually. It seems I am beginning involved with your characters and what happens to them, every writer’s dream perhaps?

    1. Hello. I think she is too. I hope that he has the sense to leave her after the baby is born, but we’ll see. Ava would be THE WORST Mum!

      Wow! That’s brilliant, what a lovely comment. 🙂 Thank you!

  3. As expected, Ava is unreasonable.
    Nit: Oscar inhaled, filling his lungs with cool, refreshing air.
    This is within the paragraph of his thoughts, so you don’t need his name again. Suggestion: A deep breath filled his lungs with cool, refreshing air.

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