“How will I know when I need to go into hospital?”

“When the contractions become longer and stronger. They’re not are they?”

“No, no. Just the same.”

“Good. You’re doing so well.”

“I feel shattered though.”

Have a catnap then. I think I might have to join you.”

“You might think it’s a good time to sleep, but I don’t think that I could.”

“At least try. Are you comfortable enough?”


“Okay, sleep well then.”


Oscar jumped, feeling a sharp pinch upon his collar bone.

“Ow! What?”

“Oscar! Wake up! They’ve got so much worse. I have the worst abdominal pain ever!”

“How long were we asleep for?”

“You were asleep for 4 hours! Oscar I need to go into hospital, they’re getting so much worse, argh! I can’t stay still. Please take me in! If I deliver the baby in the car it will be your fault!”

“I’m sorry, in future don’t do that again! I’ll get you there, the roads will be dead. I’ll go and get your bag, where is it?”

“In my bedroom.”

Oscar dressed rapidly, fetching their coats.

“I don’t think I can do this! I don’t think I can make it! What happens if I give birth in the back seat of the car?”

“Shhh, don’t worry about a thing.” Oscar took Ava’s arm, guiding her carefully but quickly out to the car.

“You- you’re not driving us! You can’t!”

“I can assure you I am. I feel quite good, considering. I’ll get all three of us there safely!”

“Famous last words Oscar! Argh! Hurry! I’m going to deliver the baby in the car! Jesus I’ve never felt pain like this! Put your bloody foot down for God’s sake! Argh that one was so much stronger that time.”

“Nearly there now Ava. You’re doing fine. It’s your first pregnancy, it will be cramps, don’t worry.” Oscar coaxed. He pulled into the quiet hospital car park.

“Ava, you’re in no fit state to walk. Stay there, I’ll go and get some help.”

“Oscar please don’t leave me!”

“I’ll be two minutes, hang on.”

Oscar walked swiftly into the Mother and Baby unit where a couple of midwives were reviewing notes. “Please, we need some assistance, my girlfriend Ava has gone into labour, she’s outside in the car.”

“I’ll get her a wheelchair.” One stated. Rapidly taking a wheel chair towards the enterance.

“Ava, we’re going to help you out of the car.” Oscar grabbed Ava’s bag, locking his car and dashed into the building after them.

“How many weeks are you Ava?”

“Nearly 37.”

“Is it your first pregnancy?”

“The baby couldn’t have come at a worse possible time for us.”

“Yes, it’s her first.” Oscar gently took Ava’s hand. “Shh, slow your breathing, it’s going to be okay!”

Ava pulled her hand away. “You’re too warm! I’m hot enough as it is. Jesus this is horrible! It’s going on forever!”

“You’re going to be fine, you have time yet.”

“What would you know Oscar! Did you get the bag ?”

“ Yes I did.”

“It hurts so bloody much! You have no idea! Argh!”

The midwives carefully helped Ava into one of the small rooms, Oscar followed nervously, placing the bags down on the floor.



“You’re doing well, how long ago did the contractions start?”

“Five hours. They’re more regular now.”

“Don’t worry, that’s normal. Is this your partner?”

“Yes, hi I’m Oscar.”

“I’m Hanna, I’ll be your main midwife Ava. Did you have a consultation with a midwife during your pregnancy?”

“Yes with Lillian.” Ava gasped.

“Ah, I’m afraid she’s been off sick, but don’t worry, you’re in safe hands. We’re going to take your blood pressure and monitor the baby’s heart beat through out your labour and birth. It’s so we can check both of your progress.”


“I’ll print you a wrist band in a moment. I’m just going to check the dilation of your cervix, when you’re 10cm diliated, then you’ll be ready to deliver. “

“Oscar go outside the room please!”

“I’ll just turn my back.”

“Fine, have it your way!” Ava snapped.

Hmm, you’re currently 6.5 cm.”

“This is going to take forever.” Ava groaned.

“I should be a midwife.”

“Oh erm, right and why’s that Oscar?”

“I knew it was far too early for you to go in to hospital when the contractions started.”

“At this moment in time is that fact really important? I’m about to give birth Oscar!”

“Shhh, not for a good few hours yet!”

“Will you please sit down before you fall down!” Ava snapped. “That’s the last thing we need!”


“You, fainting and causing a scene!”

To be continued…..


18 thoughts on “Planchette- Part 135

  1. Oscar is exactly right on about the labor and birth process, though it sounds like he’s got a fever and is worn out so he may be having a bigger medical crisis looming on the horizon? Ava is so self-absorbed that she cannot even read this, nor does she want to.

  2. Wow! The evil Witch of the West in full ‘f**k you’ mode–I love it. You may have created the next great female villain. O, I can’t STAND her! That poor, poor baby… great work, sophie.

  3. Hello ! Just wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award ! I find your blog inspiring and your motivation enthralling.. Keep up the good work !

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