“I- I think the baby’s coming! I’m getting the worst cramps I’ve ever had.”

Oscar paced rapidly into the bathroom. “That can’t be possible!”

“Thank God I packed a little bag the other day. Something told me to do it about 4 days ago, when you were in hospital. I-I’m ready to go. Are you okay to drive? Oh my God what happens if we don’t make it!”

“Ava it’s very early yet. It’s your 1st baby, chances are that labour will take 12 hours.”

“I just need to get there okay!”

“I don’t think you’re in established labour, chances are you’ll just be sent home.”

“How do you know?”

“I read a lot. I’ll run you a bath, it- it might help.”

“What good would a bath do! No chance!”

“Okay, what we need to do is keep you busy for a few hours, something to take your mind off it. How about a game of cards?”

“Bloody cards! You’ve got to be kidding me. Oscar what is wrong with you? I’m about to have our baby and you look awful!”


You look exhausted Oscar!”

“I’ll be fine, just fine.”

“This back ache and cramping is horrendous.”

“I’ll get you a hot water bottle, two actually.”

“Okay. Jesus! Oscar! I can’t even sit still.”

“I’ve never been called Jesus before.” Oscar laughed.


“It doesn’t matter. Don’t sit still then. Come on.”

“What are you doing?”

“Pace up and down the living room with me, come on just gently.”

“Are you serious?”

Oscar placed his arm around Ava’s waist, rubbing her back. “Yes, yes I am. How does that feel.”

“Tiny bit better.”

“Good. Keep going, very slowly, that’s it.”

“This feels crazy.”

“It’s just us.There’s no one here to judge us is there?”

“Suppose not. Yes, that feels better.”

“Do you want to keep going?”

“I think we should stop now.”

“Okay then, can I get you anything? Water or a piece of toast? You need to keep your energy levels up.”


“Coming right up.”

Oscar swiftly made the toast, placing the plate on the windowsill  next to Ava who was holding onto the radiator, doing gentle squats.

“This also helps I think.”

“That’s a really good idea Ava.”

“Thanks for the toast. Oh God this cramping is horrid!”

“It’s okay.”

“This feels like bloody ballet class! Bend and squat.”

Oscar laughed.


“I hope that you didn’t squat like that at ballet.”

“I got thrown out of ballet. They said I was too heavy footed.”


“Yes! Thank God the baby waited! I would have been terrified coping alone.”

“You just concentrate on your breathing and squats. I- I’ll have to sit down.”


“My legs are a bit on the shaky side.”

“Oh, right.”

Oscar seated himself on the opposite side of the sofa.

“Okay, I hate squats now. I’m going to have to pace again, don’t worry I wont ask you to join me this time.”

“Just go slow, remember what I said about wearing yourself out. I still think cards is a good idea. Sit on the sofa with me.”

“I’ll give it a try.”

Oscar stood up, helping Ava to be seated, covering her with the blanket which hung over the back of the sofa and gave her a hot water bottle for her stomach.

“Do you have a game preference?”

“Oscar, I’m in labour! Just distract me okay.”

“Okay, standard poker will do.”

“Poker yes. Deal the cards!”

“For once, I may have a chance of winning!” Oscar smiled.

“More than likely.” Ava mumbled.

“Good, I’m very glad.”

“I really don’t think I can be bothered playing cards you know.”

“Fair enough, how about a film? Here, put this big cushion on your lower back.” Oscar grabbed the footstool, placing it under Ava’s feet.

“Fine, you choose.”

Oscar grabbed a DVD, placing it in the machine.

“Oh Oscar? Pride and Predjudice? It’s so long and  heavy!”

“Exactly, one which requires quite a bit of focus.  How’s our little bump here?”

“Here, there and everywhere.”

“I want to know roughly where it is, I’m going to have a feel of your stomach. “

“Oscar, why?”

“Shh, Ava, watch the DVD. I know you love Colin Firth!”

“Oscar he’s old enough to be my Dad! If- if I had one.”

To be continued….


22 thoughts on “Planchette- Part 134

  1. How silly. As if he could distract her from the pain of labour. Now for the nit: You missed speach tags at the beginning of the toast sentence.

  2. It’s good that Oscar can look past Ava’s ill treatment of him and help her with the labor! I hope everything goes well for both of them!

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