The following day, As Oscar sat quietly in his chair with his belongings by his side, having just spoken to Milly. He caught sight of a heavily pregnant Ava walking onto the ward. She acknowledged him, placing her hand upon her stomach. He gazed at her pale, tired face, smiling sympathetically at her.

“Hey Ava.”

“Can we go now, my back is killing me. I don’t feel so good today.”

“Absolutely. You look quite peaky. But first, there’s a few people that I need to say goodbye to.”

Oscar walked shakily towards Daisy’s bed. “Oh my God! You’re leaving us already. I’m gutted! George will be heart broken. He’s not too good today.”

“I noticed he was sleeping a lot.”

“Here Oscar, this is for you.”

She glanced over at Ava who was staring at the clock and handed Oscar a piece of paper. “Here’s mine and George’s number. Just give me a text and say it’s you. Don’t lose contact, it’s good to have someone to chat to. George said the same, he wants to keep in touch. He needs his sleep at the moment though.”

Oscar slipped the piece of paper into his pocket. “Meeting you two was brilliant. All the best Daisy.” He stood closer to the bed as Daisy placed her arms around him.

“Good luck with the baby and Ava.” She whispered.


Daisy looked up as Oscar walked towards Ava. “Who’s that Oscar?”

“Oh that’s Daisy. She and George were a laugh, they kept me going.”

Ava narrowed her eyes at Daisy, placing her arm firmly around Oscar.

“Come on, I’ve missed you. You need more sleep and I need to put my feet up. Thank goodness we have your car.”

Oscar nodded. “Yes indeed. Are you sure you’re okay?”

“I was about to ask you the same question! You seem very vacant.”

“Probably just a bit drugged up.” He mumbled. “The chemo drugs are so strong, knocked me for six.”

“I bet. Get in the car.”

Oscar obeyed, sighing and closing his eyes.

“Are you going to be wearing hats from now on?”

“Mmmm. Yeah, until my hair grows back.”

“Okay. It’s just….”


“It doesn’t matter Oscar. I should stop talking and let you rest for a bit. That way we might have a chance of you being able to help me out when the baby is born.”

“I’ll be here to help you no matter what state I’m in.”

“I hope so.”


“We’re here.”

“Thanks Ava. I’ll carry my stuff in. I don’t want to be antisocial, but I’m going to have to go to bed.”

“It’s only early, but I could do with a quick lie down myself.”

“I’ll sleep in my own room.”

“Why would you do that Oscar?”

“So you can have a lie down in peace.”

“Come into my room, we need to talk.”

“Can we talk tomorrow? I just feel too tired right now.”

“It can’t wait!”

“I don’t want to argue…”

“You’re still sleeping in my room aren’t you?”

“Sure. I promise that I wont keep you awake by talking to the baby.”

“It’s missed you. It’s going nuts, just because it can hear your voice.”

“Ah that’s so cute.”

Oscar began to remove his T-shirt, his arms weary.

“Need a hand?”

“No, no. I should probably warn you about my central line.”

“Central what?”

“Line. It’s for my Chemo. It saves me from having to have masses of blood tests . It’s in my chest.”

“Oh yeah. I remember now. Jesus, it’s quite big isn’t it?”

“Yep.” Oscar turned to face Ava.

“Aren’t you going to take your hat off? For bed I mean.”

“I don’t know…”

“Why, what are you so worried about? Like you said, it will grow back.”

Oscar slowly removed his hat. Ava bit her bottom lip. ‘I’d better cry or something.’ She thought. ‘What a mess.’

“I can’t believe it fell out so quickly.”

“My hair, oh I don’t mind. Let’s focus on you and the baby now. Night Ava and bump.” He gently stroked her stomach. “Not long, any day now.”

“Night Oscar.”


“Oscar! Please wake up for heavens sake!”

“Ava! What’s happening? Where are you? Is it the baby?!”

To be continued….


24 thoughts on “Planchette- Part 133

  1. You know, maybe the “mothering hormones” will kick in after Ava gives birth, and she’ll be decent to Oscar? I can’t wait for the baby to be born!

  2. Oh I hate for Oscar to have to say goodbye to Daisy and George, I hope they see each other again! Well at least she didn’t make him drive her home 🙂

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