Oscar sensed a cool hand against his.


He slowly opened his eyes.“Hey Ava.”

“Jesus, I really had no idea that Chemotherapy was this brutal.”

“It’s not that bad, I just get tired. At least in hospital I have an excuse to sleep.” He smiled civilly.

“Do they think it’s working?”

“Yeah, I’m doing fine. All being well, I should be out within the next few days. ”

“That’s great. Little bump has missed your voice I think. It’s going mad now.”

She shuffled closer to the hospital bed, taking Oscar’s hand in hers and placing it onto her stomach.

“Wow! I swear the kicking has got stronger!” Oscar smiled.

“The baby is almost ready to face the big wide world. It’s been waiting for you Oscar.”

“That’s a nice thought. What have you been up to this last week?”

“I had horrible back ache and my ankles are quite swollen. I’ve been taking things easy.”

“Ava, I wanted to say something..”

“Go on…”

“I’ve been such an idiot. I promise you, even if it doesn’t work out between the two of us, I’ll never, ever abandon you.”


Oscar glanced at Ava’s hand.“Oh, are you still wearing it?”

“Yeah, I put the engagement ring back on not long after you left. ”

Oscar did not reply. Ava traced her fingers over Oscar’s central line. “What’s that for?”

“That’s my central line, it leads to one of the big veins in my heart.”


“It’s no where near as bad as it looks, they use it for fluids, giving me my medication and taking blood samples. It’s just so I don’t have to have masses of blood tests and injections. It’s easier that way.”

“I suppose so! Oscar you know when I said Sebastian was there? I lied. I guess I just wanted to make you sweat a bit.”

“So he wasn’t there?”


“Hmmm, okay.”

Ava raised an eyebrow, expecting more of a reaction. ‘He must be too drugged up with chemotherapy’, she thought. He probably hasn’t taken in a single word I’ve said.’

“I’d better go, I think we’re both getting tired aren’t we?”

“Why are you so keen to go? I wish you would stay a bit longer. It’s nice having visitors.”

“So are things fine between you and your Mum?”

“I don’t think things will ever be perfect, but not bad. She wasn’t happy when I told her that I didn’t answer your call.”

“What? Really?”

“She was unimpressed. It was so great to see her.”

“I bet.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be home soon.”

“Keep me informed of everything, I’ll be there to pick you up.”


“Well, providing I haven’t gone into labour!”

“Jeez! I hope not.”

Ava planted a swift, frosty kiss on Oscar’s cheek. “Bye Oscar.”

“See you Ava.”

He watched as she waddled slowly from the ward, he smiled filled with a huge sense of relief. Happy that they were back on fairly reasonable terms.


“Was that your girlfriend?” Oscar glanced over at George.

“Yeah, that was Ava.”

“She seems nice and she’s very pretty isn’t she! How far on is she?”

“Ummm, nearly 37 weeks.”

“Wow, nearly there then! I thought so.”

“Do you know what she’s having Oscar?”

“Personally, I think it’s going to be a girl, but we don’t know for sure.”

“You all organised for it’s arrival?”


“What else do you need baby wise?”

“Just a pram actually.”

“Keep looking in charity shops or on E-bay. My sister got a bargain on there for her baby.”

“Oh you have a sister?”

“Yeah, don’t see her or my nephew Tommy all that much. They live in France now.”

“Ah I see!”

“I was going to see them four months ago, but my health has been shit, so….”

“Are they fluent in French?”

“Oh yeah, they’re all Bi-Lingual.”

“Wow! Impressive!”

“Yep, which is more than can be said for me. I hated French!”

“It was German that I couldn’t take to, couldn’t get the hang of it at all.”



“Hi Milly.”

“I just wanted to give you a little update. We’re happy with the progress that you’re making, now that this first course is finished; all being well you should be able to go home tomorrow. You’ll have to have repeat blood tests and another bone marrow aspiration but it’s very probable. I wouldn’t have mentioned it to you otherwise.”


To be continued…


18 thoughts on “Planchette- Part 131

  1. I am hooked, Sophie. I have a friend (male) who is going through chemo treatments right now. I can’t imagine–especially being pregnant.
    Keep writing

  2. Hiya Sophie and thank you for visiting and commenting my old BCUK blog . I see you are very talented busy bee …. oh my goodness…. I shall have to return and have a good read . Where to start ? . I think this is the sort of meeting that my Angel Agency arrange . They are very good 🙂 Best wishes for all good things x

    1. Hello! Thank you! I am certainly very busy, but I absolutely love writing 🙂
      You are part of an ‘Angel Agency’ wow! Do you do ‘Angel Card readings’ etc? I guess I will have to have another look at your blog and find out! 🙂

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