“Don’t be so self conscious about your hair Oscar, it will grow back once your treatment has stopped.”

“What makes you think that?”

“Well, for one thing you keep looking at it in your mirror.”                                  

“It just takes some getting used to that’s all.”

“Men have it better.”

“I agree, I mean, I totally get what you’re saying. A woman’s hair is pretty much her crowning glory isn’t it? It must be tough, especially if you have long hair.”

“Oh, at first it was, but I’m used to it now. Is that your phone buzzing?”

“Oh yeah.”

“Why are you looking at your phone like it’s an explosive?”

“It- it’s a call from someone I’d rather not talk to right now.”

“Answer it, you’ll just worry otherwise!”


Oscar accepted the call, inhaling sharply.

I haven’t even spoken and already your sighing.”

“Oh so now you have rules on breathing Ava!”

“Shut up! This is important! Oscar, I’m so scared.”

“Why are you calling me? Talk to Sebastian. Goodbye!”

“Don’t you dare hang up on me you selfish bastard! You have no idea how hard it is for me, I’m so stressed at the moment.”

“My heart bleeds for you.”

“Cut the sarcasm! I swear I’m having stomach tightening’s again!”

“Well go and see your midwife ASAP. Surely you’d have the sense to book an emergency appointment?”

“This is all because of you! You left me. I- I think I’m going into labour!”

“Right. One, you pushed me to breaking point, not the other way around. Two, just because your having tightening’s  doesn’t mean that you’re going into labour. Phone your midwife and get an appointment as soon as you can!”

“So you’re just leaving me?”

“Ava, I’m currently being pumped full of chemotherapy drugs and have a central line in my chest. I cannot go anywhere. Get to hospital, as soon as you’ve had the appointment ring me. We may not be an item any more,  but I can promise that I’ll always be here for the baby. You’ll not have to cope alone and if worst comes to the worst then I’m sure that my Mum will lend a hand too. Things are looking up.”

“Your bloody Mother? Over my dead body! Your alcoholic of a Mother is not coming anywhere near me, or this baby once it’s born. Is that clear?”

“Ava, she’s been off alcohol for almost 6 months!”

“Once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic!”

“Oh and you’re so squeaky clean and perfect, whoring around!”

“Whoring around! I slept with you and then I slept with Sebastian! Big deal!”

“Jesus! Tell me Ava, is he there with you now?”

“Listening to your every word.”


“It’s the beauty of speaker phone. P.s he still thinks that you’re an absolute tosser.”


“You’re clearly still terrified of him aren’t you? I mean you couldn’t even say that without your voice trembling. You sound like you’re about to cry. You cry often don’t you Oscar?! You always were a push over!”

“You’re cruel Ava!”

“Sebastian is my friend! I’m allowed to see him!”

She cancelled the call. A shaking Oscar placed his phone on the bedside table. ‘It must be true’ , he thought. ‘Ava was cheating on me for most of the duration of  our relationship.’

“Oscar? What’s up?” It was Daisy.


“No, no there is. Something’s upset you hasn’t it?”

“I’m fine.”

He whispered, turning his back to the wall. Without saying a word, Daisy slipped on her dolly shoes and pulled one of the blue plastic covered chairs up to his bedside. Gently, she touched Oscar’s hand. He pulled it away. Daisy took it again and held his hand in hers.

Shh now, you don’t even have to speak to me, just know that I’m here okay. I’m not sure whether this is even about your cancer, I think it’s something else. Don’t answer that, you don’t need to. Crying helps, don’t listen to the crap that people tell you about crying making you ill. You just have a good cry.”

To be continued…


26 thoughts on “Planchette- Part 129

  1. Boy. Some people are cruel to each other.
    At the end, you say: He momentarily pulled it away. -> You don’t need momentarily because she then takes his hand again. In fact, you can get rid on nearly every word that ends with ‘ly’ and your writing will be better for it.

      1. O, I was replying to the specific comment, the one that said something about “you can remove all the adjectives ending in ‘-ly'”, which struck me as rather draconian. I merely wanted to say that terseness, while correct, is not an end in itself, particularly in the writing of fiction.

  2. I know you probably gave up that I would return. Needed sorting out some things. Working on getting my energy back. I shouldn’t even be awake now. But I promised myself before I went to sleep tonight I was going to start reading about Oscar & Daisy again. Missed them. Missed your writing. Will make them my bedtime story every night from now on. Earlier though. Sorry for being MIA. Ava needs to get a grip. Hope all is ok with you, Sophie. A cancer related issue. A week ago, I saw my oncologist & for the first time since I was diagnosed, he told me that I am free of cancer & it isn’t likely to ever return. First time I heard anyone say that. So, now I am changing my life so I can have time to do what I want. Made some drastic decisions. Hard ones but necessary. My me time for writing & reading [Oscar & Daisy] & breathing & having some fun goofing off. This is the first day of the rest of my life. It went into effect way early on Friday AM. So it technically hasn’t been a full 24 hrs yet. The first thing I did today though when I opened my browser, I placed your blog open as the first tab on Planchette’s all the chapter page links. I will be seeing you every night. The only thing that will stop me from leaving a comment after I read is if I fall asleep with my laptop open in my lap. But even then I will leave a message when I wake up. So good night my fellow writer. Hope you have been clicking the keyboard with fun in your fingers creating new characters. I am about to write a new one starting tomorrow. He lives in Paris. His name is Jonathan Stephens & he is gay & friends for a long time with my main character & lead protagonist. She is heading to Paris in three chapter including the one I will be working on when I wake up on Saturday. Keep this a secret. I love being on your pages again. It feels so comfortable. TY for your patience. I do hope you hadn’t lost faith in me. If you did I totally understand. Well, my leg is shaking so it means I need to rest. Night now. 🙂 xx Jk ❤ your writing Sophie. I really truly do.

    1. I haven’t read Planchette for such a long time that I have almost forgotten!
      JK I am so happy for you & I’m so relieved that you are cancer free.
      I’ll look forward to reading your comments as you give great feedback. I am currently working on a new piece at the moment called ‘Theodore’! 🙂

      1. When I am able I will give Theodore a look. If I am as encouraged by reading Planchette as many chapters a night as possible, I will be able t start reading Theodore. See what I can do on reading tonight. TY for your kind response. It is a thrill having the news. Haven’t told many people. Don’t want to jinx it. I will add, you got all your detail so accurate, it is such good research. Sometimes I find doing research is almost as fun as doing the writing. Not thought but it is fun to learn all sorts of information. Well, onto Oscar & Daisy. I like those names together much better. We’ll see what is in store for that possibility.
        🙂 Jennifer

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