“I’ll put these in your locker, what’s this?” Janet pulled out a white envelope.

“Ah I meant to show you that, but completely forgot! Have  a look.”

Janet took out the photograph. “The ultra sound picture! Wow it’s a good one. Quite clear isn’t it?”

“I know.”

“Looks like the baby is waving.”

“That’s what I said.” Oscar smiled. “I did put it on my bedside table, but the fan kept blowing it off. I just thought it was safer in there.”

“It’s very cute.”  Janet slipped the photo back into it’s envelope, handing it to Oscar who placed in the top draw of his bedside table.

Do you have everything you need for now?” Janet asked.

“You’re very warm again, here let me feel your hands. I’m going to put your headrest up a bit. I’m sure your breathing is a bit faster than normal. Do you feel breathless?”

“Not really, but my heart is pounding.” Janet gently felt Oscar’s pulse. “You’re right, your pulse does feel fast. I’m going to get Milly.”

Janet paced across the ward. “Milly?”


“I’m Oscar’s Mum, Janet. I was just wondering if you could have  a look at him. I’m sure his pulse faster than normal.”


Milly saved her work, logging off Meditech and followed Janet. She glanced at Oscar. “How do you feel Oscar?”

“Pretty tired.”

“Okay. I’m going to do your obs. I’ll take your blood pressure and pulse manually. Hmm, your temperature is up again. I’ll open this window, It’s too warm in here anyway. Right I’ll just have a listen. 130/79, for you that’s quite elevated’. Let’s look at your chart. Yes, you’ve always been around the 100 mark. Your pulse is faster than your usual . Try taking your hat off, that will help

“I’d rather not.”

“Don’t worry Oscar, no-one will judge you in here I promise. Everyone is in the same boat.”

Oscar gingerly took off his hat. Janet swallowed as she noticed the ever-increasing bald patches on the side of Oscar’s head.

“Oscar I’m just going to check your central line. I’m going to flush it, I think it may be blocked.”

“Did the last dose of medication go through successfully Milly?”

“I think so. I’ll just be a moment.”

Milly left Oscar’s side, returning with a syringe and some saline. “Here, this might feel a bit cold but it will clear any blockages should there be any.” Carefully she flushed his central line with the solution.

“I think there was one, it was pretty hard to push the syringe in at first. I’ll turn your fan up a bit more.  I’m going to keep a very close eye on you. I’ll come back and re-do your obs in 10 minutes.”


Milly nodded, walking across the bay.

“Thanks Mum.”

“Hopefully you’ll cool down soon. How do you feel?”

“Just the usual, a bit tired.”

“I should probably go and let you sleep.”

Oscar grasped her hand. “No, stay!” He whispered. “Just for a little while longer.”

Janet nodded. “Okay.”

“Before you go, there’s just a few things I wanted to ask you. How long have we got?”

“About 35 minutes. Okay Oscar, fire away.”

“What’s the main reason  you and Auntie Ruthie don’t get on?”

“I haven’t seen my sister in years.”

“I know. Is it because of me?”

“Why would you say that?”

“Because of what I said to Harold that time.”

Janet laughed. “Oh that? No, no you did me a favour!”


“Oscar, you know I couldn’t stand Ruthie. We’ve never got on, not really. She’s so conceited and rude. Harold was a brat to say the very least and I know he gave you stick. I hated being in Ruthie’s company, I remember one time when you were little and they were staying with us, she wanted to go for a picnic. It was a little community thing, I agreed to it and I well, forgot the picnic. I don’t know how, it was such a stupid thing to do. I’ve never been so mortified.”

“What happened then? I hope I didn’t give you hell?” Oscar grinned.

“No, no. You were such a good little boy, but she made me feel so guilty as did the other Mothers there. It’s overhearing other people’s conversations which hurt the most. You didn’t complain about being hungry, not once. You were just happy to play with the other children. You’ve never been a big eater. I fed you when we got home of course, but I felt like a terrible Mother!”

“Don’t feel bad, It’s easily done.” Oscar reassured.

To be continued….


15 thoughts on “Planchette- Part 127

  1. Just started reading Plachette, Your descriptions and the story drew me in. Had to go find the first of it to get a better sense of it. Now to read the rest of the installments. Looking forward to reading it all.

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